You think that you’ve found the love of your life, but you’re still feeling a little bit ill at ease in your relationship. A lack of details about their past or shifty behaviors may have you wondering if your partner has a criminal record. That’s where online outlets and calls to local officials may be able to help you find out if there’s something in your partner’s past that they don’t want coming to light. This can be as simple as tracking down a mugshot.

What’s the purpose of a mugshot?

A mugshot serves as a clear photo identifier for a suspect. In most criminal cases, busted mugshots are a standard part of the booking process. The picture is taken from three angles: front photographic view, left side of the suspect, and right side of the suspect. You can get more information about your partner’s arrest history, as well as that of current inmates, through websites that allow you to examine these records as public documents. These online tools through law enforcement agencies can help you review inmate rosters and see public access information about criminal activity that you may not be able to get from just relying on Google.

A busted mugshot search will direct you to the right local authorities for more information about your partner regarding a criminal record or a recent booking. This will offer up the services of a massive mugshot database to leave crime trip details on a tip hotline. Uncovering arrest records can give you a better understanding of an actual crime committed, as well as a way of tracking down information with as little as a first name and last name.

How are mugshots processed?

A mugshot from a sheriff’s office provides information about what suspects are being booked on in as close to real time as possible depending on the jurisdiction. These photos are more accessible than ever for new arrests, thanks to online accessibility. This picture of the arrestee contains a booking number that is then tracked throughout a criminal case and used for quick search by police departments to potentially connect to your partner.

When people get arrested, they must go through a standard booking process during which law enforcement officials collect personal information about arrestees and document the details of the crime. Those details are handed over to a district attorney’s office to prepare for the defendant’s trial in a court of law. It’s important to remember that a mugshot is NOT an indication of guilt. During the booking process, the police take mugshots as a matter of record in the county of your arrest. This is an important step of booking, and it’s also helpful in a court of law when establishing a possible sentence for the actual crime.

What is the point of having these mugshots on the record?

Despite recent efforts to keep mugshots confidential, they have several purposes during and after booking. First, mugshots are needed so officials are able to positively identify prisoners. These are also used in legal proceedings for victims to better identify defendants. A mugshot may be distributed to the general public by a local sheriff’s office in the event that a detainee has escaped or a person of interest is at large.

Mugshots have become available through online arrest records to allow for easier access and sharability amongst county jails and other corrections systems. Police departments have also taken to live streaming for inmates and convicts, allowing for an arrest to become the top story for the nightly news. It’s all a matter of protecting the general public and keeping your local area safe. Plus, in your case, it could give you some peace of mind regarding the person you want to make a deeper part of your life.

By Hemant Kumar

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