Adobe estimates that there are 2.5 trillion PDF files in the world and more get created daily.

The Acrobat format allows you to share information in the same way regardless of the device or operating system. It offers security, small file sizes, and can contain multiple pages to create ebooks.

This article explains how to convert the image file format JPG to PDF and take advantage of these features.

Read on to learn how to convert PDF to JPG free online. Discover how to batch process large volumes of JPGs to PDFs using code. Then see how easy it is to convert JPG to PDF by printing the file.

What Are JPG and PDF Files?

JPG or JPEG is a standard image format used to store photographs.

Most of the images you see online are JPGs because of their small file size. The format allows you to set a quality level to get the right balance between aesthetics and performance.

PDFs can contain JPG images but offer much more functionality as mentioned above. But how can you convert from one format to the other?

Convert PDF to JPG Free Online

If you need to convert a JPG to PDF or vice versa, then turn to Google.

There are lots of free online services where you can upload your image or document, choose your settings, then convert. The site’s server processes the request then automatically downloads the results to your drive.

Google Search ‘free JPG to PDF conversion’ and choose from the top results.

Convert JPG to PDF Through Code

One-off conversion is simple but what if you need to process lots of images and save them as PDFs?

Using a programming language, you can achieve this with a simple loop statement. For example, import a .NET PDF library and set the image folder path. Instantiate the third-party tool and set some parameters before running the program.

You can batch process thousands of JPG images in a matter of minutes using this technique.

How to Turn JPG Into PDF on a PC

Windows users can create a PDF from many media files directly from their PC.

Open File Explorer and right-click the JPEG file. Choose Print then select Microsoft Print to PDF. Alternatively, use a browser like Chrome or Edge to convert entire pages to PDF in the same way.

You can convert PDF to JPG for free by downloading and installing conversion software.

Most offer a free trial and work on all versions of Windows from 7 onwards. Also, Microsoft Office and other office packages offer PDF conversion within their export option lists.

More Tips on How to Convert Images to PDF

JPG to PDF conversion is a snap using the methods highlighted above.

For simple image-to-file swaps, use a JPG to PDF converter free service online. If you need to process more files then use a coding platform like .NET and import a PDF library. Alternatively, print a JPG file directly from your computer.

Discover more tips on how to turn JPG into PDF in our technology section.

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