You have probably heard about Bitcoin, and though you might think it’s time to start mining bitcoins as you have never done so before, it might not be the best idea. To play around with this digital currency and learn more about the world of cryptocurrency, you need to Create an online Source Bitcoin Wallet first. This will allow you to easily store bitcoins’ private keys on your computer or smartphone using a secure password. It is also a good idea for newbies because it allows for easy access during the learning phase without risking the loss of wallet data and funds. You will learn how to create an online source Bitcoin wallet. Before proceeding, you need to have a ready-set-go Bitcoin wallet and your computer running with Internet access.

Create a Bitcoin Wallet on

You can Create an online Source Bitcoin Wallet on right now if you already have an account there. Blockchain provides great security and is one of the best projects in this area that I can recommend you to use as your online source Bitcoin wallet:

Click “Sign Up” (If you don’t have an account, please register here)

Log in using your email and a secure password on the next registration page if you want to protect your identity using a more private option like two-factor authentication. Once logged in, you will see all the accounts and addresses on the right side of the screen. Click on the one for which you’d like to create an online source Bitcoin wallet. Note that you can have up to three addresses associated with each Blockchain account: 1 hot wallet (recommended for day-to-day transactions) and 2 or 3 cold wallets.

When you click on the “Send” tab, you will see several options:

Enter the recipient’s public address if you want to receive a Bitcoin payment. If you want to send Bitcoin to someone else or move funds, enter one or more recipient addresses. You can list up to 20 recipient addresses per wallet at any time. The wallet software will display a QR code for each of them. If you need, check the “All Pending Transactions” box to review all pending transactions that have been sent by other users, mine as well as your transactions.

If you want to buy or sell bitcoins for other currencies, you can use the “Exchange” tab.

The exchange rate is based on the current market price updated every 10 minutes. You will see the current exchange rate on the right side of the screen. The current balance of this wallet is also shown at all times and your “Local Balance” and “Total BTC” balance. If you want to make a transaction, click on “Send” and make sure your recipient’s public address exactly matches what is listed in at this point. If there are no errors, click “Continue”, enter the transaction amount and follow the instructions. A good way to keep track of your Create online Source Bitcoin Wallet is by writing down your private key on a sheet of paper or a piece of computer hardware. Blockchain creates a 12-word mnemonic backup that can be used if your software wallet is lost or damaged. Make sure to store your mnemonic phrase in a secure place! You’ll never be able to restore an online source Bitcoin wallet if you lose it! If you decide to restore funds from this backup, you will be asked to input both a password and location where you would like the funds to go afterwards.

By Hemant Kumar

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