Companies throughout the U.S. are having a hard time finding workers to fill their open positions. As businesses try to recover from the economic toll of the COVID-19 pandemic and ramp back up to previous levels, 42% of small businesses report that they have positions that they have been unable to fill. And 91% of those companies say the problem is due to a lack of qualified candidates.

This labor shortage is especially curious considering that 29% of small businesses had closed by the end of 2020, according to Business Insider. With fewer companies post-pandemic, one would normally expect to see more people competing for available jobs. But for a variety of reasons, this has not been the case.

For small businesses, the focus has to be on determining how to find good candidates in a tight labor market. One surprisingly simple answer is skills testing. eSkill’s Talent Assessment Platform offers small businesses owners several advantages when it comes to figuring out how to find the right candidate for a job. Following are some ways you can leverage skills testing to improve your hiring process.

How to Find Right Candidates for Job Openings

Ideally, you would hope to attract a relatively wide range of applicants to any job posting. But whether your hiring pool is deep or relatively shallow, the most important next step is figuring out the best way to determine which candidates have the best JobFit.

While many ATS programs can be used to automatically filter out candidates using keyword analysis, skills testing helps you further narrow your candidate pool by instantly showing you the best-qualified candidates. By integrating eSkill’s assessments into your ATS, you can immediately exclude any candidates who do not meet the basic requirements of the position and concentrate your efforts on top candidates.

As applicants complete and submit tests, you can sort the results and see who your top scorers are. You can also generate reports that provide detail on how candidates answered each question. These reports are easy to distribute and show hiring managers and hiring teams how applicants performed on questions of varying difficulty. This quantitative data provides an excellent way to compare candidates with each other and against the job requirements. 

Using Skills Tests to Examine Hard and Soft Skills

eSkill Test Library contains more than 800 job- and subject-based tests, which you can use as-is or pick and choose questions from various tests to create a customized assessment that is tightly aligned with your job requirements. 

For instance, when you are considering how to find the right candidate for a job opening in your accounting department, you can invite applicants to take the Accounting and Bookkeeping Principles Test or you can create your own assessment by choosing questions from that test and from specialized tests like the Money Handling and Tax Accounting Test.

Another key aspect of eSkill’s testing platform is the ability to measure soft skills. While hard skills like math and computer skills are relatively easy to assess, soft skills are much harder to measure. However, with eSkill, you can create a test by choosing multiple-choice, true-false, and short-answer questions using questions from existing tests and add open-ended written and video response questions.

Open-ended questions allow hiring teams to rate answers based on criteria that you establish. You can then compare these scores and discuss any differing opinions. This allows you to thoroughly evaluate a candidate’s abilities in soft skill areas such as customer service, integrity, and communication.

Does the Best Candidate Already Work for You?

If you are wondering how to find good candidates, one solution is to look within your own company. Too often, HR teams tend to overlook the people who are already working for their organization. And in a thin labor market, that means you may be overlooking the best candidate for the job.

When existing employees take skills assessments, you have a snapshot of their current skill levels and can identify knowledge gaps as well as areas of strength. This can help you to identify which members of your workforce may be the best candidates for promotion.

With internal candidates, you generally have more information than you do with an outside hire. You have a record of their work and greater familiarity with their personality and skillset. When it comes to knowing how to find the right candidate for a job, one of the most important things is ensuring the right JobFit. With skills tests, you can weigh experience along with test results to determine whether a particular candidate will be a good fit.

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