Want to increase view count for your video and reels content!?

Video content is one major part of Instagram after the recent update from the owner of Instagram.

Videos are going to be given prime importance when compared to posts because of their creative and innovative ideas.

Get your views to count slam the roof with creative content!!

Innovative and unique video content to your brand or product can attract followers to view your video quickly.

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Create Content

Create compelling content related to your audience and innovative to reach varied audiences and new followers to increase your views across.

Content creation based on video is simple, select a location or place which can be suitable for your brand. Do something creative with the space around and explore different areas in content.

Video content should not belong, make it short and simple to understand better the content you are giving to your audience which can increase your views count.

Shorter videos reach many followers easily and human nature to watch videos is less than 3 mins so make use of the time and be creative too.

Related Accounts

Collect all the accounts based on your Niche-specific. Make a note of their followers and their liking but don’t copy, be inspired, and see how they are engaging their content. Come up with new ideas out of it 

When you know about your competitors you will know about your weaknesses and strengths too. 

Go and follow all the followers of the profile which is like yours and get connected to many followers and get views to count but in a genuine way.

Engagement group

Make a group that believes in your content and be open and transparent with your ideas in that group.

You get many insights when you discuss some topics with them by going live on Instagram or conducting any campaigns.

Video content reaches many followers and you need more information to posts on your feed to get that idea from your like-minded followers.

Behind the scenes

Followers love to watch your behind-the-scenes happenings. It is fun and will deliver how much effort you are making to give them the creative content.

Followers get attracted to your work ethic and style if you show them the genuine hard work you put into every video content.

Many followers like to watch it for the fun part and execution part. Many are interested in your work background so don’t hesitate to show them your hard work and effort.

IGTV and Stories

Before you post an IGTV Instagram ask for your in-feed preview. It shows the short form of your full video. So make it effective to post on Feed.

Post a story with your IGTV and connect followers in both stories and IGTV. Stories are easy to know about any brand or product company.

Stories are the short form of IGTV so make use of the stories on Instagram by tagging people and relevant hashtags used.

Right time posting

Know about your audience and followers’ active time on Instagram throughout the week.

Posting any post or video will be effective and reachable to your followers when you do it at the correct timing.

Timing matters in getting views from your followers. Posting your content should not go waste after all the efforts you made should be the growth point for your brand or the content you made.


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Views matters on Instagram because of the instant reaction to the page you created.So attract followers with your creative content and valuable content consistently.

Make the explore tab to feature your page on prime by innovative content and relatable content.

Get Views and be a genuine  influencer to your followers!!

By Hemant Kumar

I am a zealous writer who loves learning, redesigning the information, and sharing the original content in an innovative and embellish manner. I hope you will find my work beneficial and entertaining. Happy Reading!