Black Mold

It is not difficult to learn how to get rid of black mold. There are products on the market that works well when used properly. The job can be completed successfully when following the three Ps; Prevention, Protection, Perseverance.


The most important task is preventing the mold from spreading. This requires sealing the room before touching the mold, removing everything that could possibly be contaminated, and preventing the transference of mold spores into other areas of the house.

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When dealing with a mold colony think in three stages. The surface needs to be cleaned away so that the mold cleaners can reach the inner area of the colony. There is always a section of the colony that is hidden, beneath the surface. Think of this as the ‘roots.’ No amount of surface cleaning will destroy the roots – they need to be dug out and destroyed.


Black mold results in several deadly respiratory, neurological, and blood diseases. Never attempt to clean black mold without wearing a special air-filtering respirator, protective clothing, goggles, and gloves.

Protection extends beyond personal health. The rest of the building needs to be protected. The heating, air conditioning, bathroom, exhaust, and furnace vents and filters need to be removed and thoroughly cleaned.


Patience and perseverance is imperative to successfully eradicating black mold from a building. Never stop when the job seems complete. IF you notice mold in one room, test all room, including those above and below the contaminated area. Dig deep, looking into the building material even if there is no evidence of mold. There are testing tools that let you see whether mold is growing inside a wall.

Throw away any porous building material that is contaminated including concrete, grout, plaster, wallpaper, etc.. Keep the building dryer than normal with a dehumidifier. Test again every few months. Several strategies and books teach you how to get rid of black mold. Most include using a product or service specifically designed for black mold. Do not trust detergents or bleach to do a thorough job.

Clean Up

The last stage is to clean up. Do not carry waste through the building. Put it in thick bags and pass it through exterior doors and windows. Destroy contaminated clothing. Leave fans and dehumidifiers in the area for a few weeks after the clean up. Toss out any Personal protective equipment that can be destroyed. For extra measure, add a high UV florescent light to the area for a few weeks. in that case you may need a water extraction for that you can Carpet Cleaning Logan

Remember that mold spores can lay dormant long after the precautions end, waiting to restart another colony. Preventing another contamination is just as important as knowing how to get rid of black mold.

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