cleaning drainage in winters

Ice and snow can create a lot of problems around your home. The good news is you don’t have to resign yourself to frozen pipes, cracked gutters, and clogged drains. Follow these winter drain cleaning tips to help keep your drains clear throughout the season.

Keep trash and food items out of your drains

The best way to keep a drain flowing freely is to not let any debris or food particles get into the drain. Food items like coffee grounds, oil, and even tiny bits of food can clog your drains by collecting in the pipes, preventing the free flow of water.

Use drain screens

In cold weather states, drain screens are a must-have to protect your drains from clogging. They’re cheap, easy to install, and keep all sorts of things from falling down the drain. Drain screens help keep your drains clear in winter, without the need for dangerous chemical drain cleaners that can corrode pipes and damage the environment. 

Try hydro jetting

Hydro jetting is the most effective way to clean your pipes. Hydro jetting uses high-pressure water streams to quickly remove stubborn debris and buildup that other ways of cleaning can’t get out, ensuring your drains stay cleaner longer. It is the safe, smart, high-pressure way to guarantee clog-free pipes and drains.

Call a professional plumbing company today 

A clogged drain can often mean a flooded home, especially during the cold months. Water freezes in uninsulated pipes, forcing water to back up into your home. This not only can add hundreds of dollars to your plumbing bill, but it damages your floors and walls, too. The cost of hiring a professional plumber to regularly clean and inspect your pipes beforehand is minimal compared to the potential damage that you may cause. Make sure to call the pros when you need to clean your drains at home!

By Hemant Kumar

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