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In the last few years, CBD has completely exploded onto the American market after the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill. This bill legalized the cultivation and sale of industrial hemp at the federal level, from which CBD can be extracted.

Only one year after CBD was legalized, one in seven Americans said that they personally used CBD products. Considering the growing popularity of this cannabinoid in a wide variety of different products, it’s safe to assume that even more Americans are using CBD these days.

While you’ve maybe come across CBD oil, CBD salve, and CBD edibles, you might think the idea of CBD shampoo is a bit odd. Can washing your hair with shampoo that includes CBD oil really lead to healthier hair?

Let’s take a look at everything you need to know, including a recipe for making your own CBD shampoo and tips on how to customize it for your own hair.

Is CBD Shampoo Good For Your Hair?

The world of research regarding CBD and other cannabinoids as effective beauty products or medication is still quite young. This means that there is a lot more to learn about what CBD can do for hair as well as other aspects of health.

So far, though, there is some evidence that suggests that CBD can help to improve both hair thickness and growth. There are also some studies that provide evidence for benefits from topically applying CBD that are quite promising.

One study found that topically applying CBD ointment might be an effective and safe treatment for some of the common inflammatory skin conditions. Another found that CBD oil could reduce the symptoms in patients with peripheral neuropathy more than a placebo.

CBD Hair Benefits: What You Should Know

As mentioned above, many of the benefits of CBD for hair at this point are based on limited studies. More research is necessary to say with certainty whether or not CBD can positively impact hair health and growth.

That being said, there are a number of known benefits of CBD that might help you have a beautiful head of hair. CBD oil can help reduce inflammation, reduce stress, improve sleep, improve blood circulation, and more. And if you want to try something else, then CBD hemp flowers can also be the perfect choice for stress and anxiety related issues. All of these conditions are associated with hair loss and other hair issues, indicating that CBD could possible help to boost overall hair health.

CBD can also help with hair that is dry and dull. It is thought that both hemp oil and CBD oil can help to stimulate the formation of new cells on your scalp as well as enhance new hair growth. CBD oil contains 21 amino acids, which can also help to moisturize and strengthen you hair.

On top of all that, CBD oil is rich in antioxidants. It is believed that these can help protect your hair from unfortunate environmental factors. CBD oil can also help with a dry, itchy scalp and act as a powerful moisturizer.

Why Bother Making Your Own Shampoo?

There are a number of different reasons you might be compelled to make your own shampoo. However, there’s a good chance that after you read this list of reasons you might want to stay away from commercially produced shampoos, you might start thinking up about whipping up your own hair brew.

One reason that people choose to make their own shampoo is that they can know for sure that it is free of chemicals that way. Conventional shampoos often have chemical products in them like ammonium chloride and ammonium lauryl sulfate. Shampoos you buy at the drug store tend to have emulsifiers, surfactants, and preservatives, all of which you might prefer to avoid rubbing onto your scalp day in and day out.

These chemicals might make the shampoo lather nicely and give your hair a shine right after washing, but they can wreak havoc on your hair over time. Some of them also might have negative health consequences.

Others might choose to make their own shampoo so that they aren’t supporting products that are tested on animals or that use animal ingredients. When you buy some brands of hair and body products, you might notice that they sometimes say that they are “cruelty free,” indicating either a lack of animal testing or a lack of animal products in the ingredients.

Some people also might have environmental reasons for making their own shampoo. Rather than purchasing new plastic bottles of shampoo that were mass produced, individuals might find making their own shampoo to be an approachable way to reduce their reliance on products from major corporations as well as their use of plastic.

You can buy shampoos at health food stores, salons, boutiques, spas, and online that are chemical-free, cruelty-free, or otherwise claiming to be environmentally friendly. However, these shampoos can be quite pricey and it’s possible that they are using these points as marketing tactics. When you make your own shampoo, you can know for sure how it was made and what went in it.

A Recipe For DIY CBD Shampoo

If you live near a dispensary or another location that sells CBD products, you can simply buy CBD shampoo if you’d rather. However, making it yourself can be satisfying and it can also help you save money. On top of that, you can customize it to suit your particular hair and your preferences.

Making your own shampoo can be quite simple. You can do it at home in just a few minutes. Here are the ingredients that you’ll want to gather to make this particular type of shampoo:

  • One cup of CBD oil
  • One cup of aloe vera gel
  • 1/2 cup of warm water
  • One tablespoon of baking soda
  • Four tablespoons of honey
  • 1/2 cup castille soap
  • Optional essential oils of your choosing

The tools you will need are minimal. To make this shampoo, you will simply need a storage container and a utensil to mix your shampoo with.

Some people who use CBD prefer to use broad spectrum or isolate products that don’t contain THC. You might be wondering “Is THC free CBD distillate full-spectrum?” THC free CBD distillate can either be broad spectrum or isolate, though both are THC free.

Directions for CBD Shampoo

To make this shampoo, simply mix all of the ingredients together. You will want to make sure that the shampoo is evenly mixed and free of lumps. Once it is well mixed together, you are all set you wash your hair with your new, homemade shampoo!

For the essential oils, make sure that you are using essential oils that won’t irritate your skin. Consider using food grade essential oils or testing them out on your skin first before adding them to your shampoo.

Customizing Your CBD Oil Shampoo

One of the best things about making your own shampoo is that you can choose what to put it in and what to leave out. Everyone’s hair is different, and different hair types require different types of care. You can also continue adjusting your recipe over time, allowing you to create the perfect brew that is crafted just for your unique hair.

Depending on your hair and your desired outcome, you can customize your CBD shampoo to your liking. There are a number of other ingredients you might consider adding or perhaps you will omit some of those listed above. Some other potential ingredients you might want to put in your shampoo include:

  • Jojoba, grapeseed, or other light vegetable oil
  • Glycerin
  • Chamomile tea bags
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Apple juice
  • Cloves
  • Rosemary
  • Lemongrass

Before you start creating your concoction, consider what type of hair you have and what it needs to be it’s healthiest. If your hair is severely damaged, you might want to choose gentler ingredients. If your hair is very oily, you might want to go light on the various oil ingredients.

Experimenting is one of the best things about making your own shampoo. After all, when you buy shampoo at the store, you’re stuck with the recipe that some company thought was best or most cost effective. This way, the care of both the health of your scalp as well as the beauty of your hair is entirely within your hands.

CBD Shampoo: Are You Ready to Wash Your Head With This Cannabinoid?

There is something so satisfying about making your own shampoo. You get to choose the ingredients and how much you put in, meaning that nothing touches you scalp or hair that you didn’t consciously decide on.

Most people wash their hair a few times a week if not everyday. This means that whatever is in the shampoo you are using is soaking into your hair and scalp on a regular basis. Out of all the products you use, it might be most advantageous to make your own shampoo for this reason.

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