How to Pair Kitchen Countertops with Forevermark Cabinets?

Perhaps, creating a kitchen with a cohesive look is a tough task. No doubt it takes a lot of struggle. With Forevermark cabinets, you need to look at the entire kitchen. For instance, you have to look at the cabinets, countertops, and other kitchen items. Moreover, you need to look at the floor as well.  However, kitchen countertops are vital to pair with kitchen cabinets. If you really want to create a great look,  you need to mix both. So that, they can display an amazing look. Indeed both of them have a great correlation. Well, prior knowledge is necessary. For the perfect coordination, play with aesthetics and colors.

  • Look at the colours
  • Follow the colour wheel
  • Combinations and contrast
  • Mixing the Forevermark cabinets with countertops
  • Material selection
  • Cabinets material vs countertops material
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1. Look at the Colors

Remember, the colours you choose have a great impact on your kitche. No doubt they are integral parts of any kitchen. Well, colours shape your place. They add fun and drama at the same time. So, be careful. To make the kitchen elegant and dramatic follow the colour wheel.

2. Follow the color wheel

When you are pairing the forevermark cabinetry with countertops, you can follow the colour wheel. It will make the whole process easier. Also, you can add better colours. However, use those that match your colour style. You can add modern, traditional or analogous colours.  For instance, on the colour wheel. complimentary colours are directly opposite. For instance, blue is complementary to yellow. On the other hand, yellow and orange are analogous. Well, you can add neutral colours too. For example, grey or white. If you want to add bold colours, you can add red or black.

3. Combinations and contrast

If you are not ready to add the same colour, you can go for some combination. For this reason, you have to be vigilant. Well, select the colours that go great with the basics. As a general rule, start with white. Add white cabinets and white countertops. No doubt it looks dull and boring. However, blue or black veining in white will make the best combo ever. So, you can choose this combo in any kitchen style. Moreover, you can have this colour scheme in any space. Furthermore, there are many other options too. You can use plain blue with a printed one and vice versa.

4. Mixing the Forevermark cabinets with countertops

No matter, you want to choose a monochromatic scheme or dichromatic. You always have many colour choices. Indeed you can choose various colours too. For instance, if you have decided on beige, you can make it as your kitchen basics. Moreover, with this basic colour. You can also add blue, white or black. Well, try to make a contrast. Also, while choosing the colour scheme, you can pull one colour out of all. you can also add any other colour too. For example, if you have granite countertops with gold flakes. You can add some gold to cabinets. Probably it will probably work great in your kitchen.

5. Material selection

Perhaps, the material has a direct effect on the overall kitchen beauty. To make the kitchen more incredible, use Forevermark cabinets.  No doubt they have a luxurious look. Moreover, they enhance the quality of the kitchen as well.  However, you can select anyone from a huge variety.

6. Cabinets material vs countertops material

No wonder, that wood is one of my favourite materials. Either its Forevermark kitchen cabinets or anyone, people tend to opt for wood. However, you can also have the cabinets, such as plywood or laminates. Indeed you have both simple and decor options. Keep in mind, hickory, oak, cherry and birch are common wood choices. Moreover, you can also have pine and walnut.

Indeed my wood type strongly impacts the kitchen aesthetics. Wood cabinets are attractive. They add a unique appeal. However, some woods have even texture and some have grains. Well, wood with grains is not easy to paint. So, you have to choose some other method to pair wood with countertops.

Along with cabinets, there is a wide variety of countertops material. For instance, natural stone, solid surface , ceramics etc. moreover you can also buy butcher block, stainless steel and concrete.  Keep in mind, whatever the material you select,  make sure the quality is ensured. However, you can also select the colour of your own choice. Match the colour that suits the overall kitchen. 


Keep in mind, concrete, onyx, marble are some of the best materials. Moreover, quartz and granite are also the top choices. Well, Forevermark cabinets work well with all. Also, try to find countertops that are long-lasting and durable. Indeed you can choose any colour. No doubt, you can add both modern and industrial looks. However, avoid those that are complex. Also never buy too ornate. Of course, there are many ways to pair countertops and cabinets. You can choose one that suits you. Lastly, all these tips are trendy. Also, using them will help you in having a uniform kitchen.

By Hemant Kumar

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