Molds can seriously damage your basement wall, floor, and ceiling. It spreads out fast once it stars infestation. Mold can create a variety of problems. It will stain your basement. The odor it generates is very- hard to tolerate. Most importantly, it can affect your health.  

The most damaging- thing about a mold infestation is it will eat up your foundation, damage your structure, and make it weak. So, you must- keep molds out of your home. Here I will show you how to prevent mold from your basement and get- rid of it once it starts spreading. 

Use an Air Pressure Machine 

To prevent mold from infesting your basement, use negative air pressure to filter and clear the air of your basement. It uses a ducting mechanism to filter air. While filtering the air, it also filters all the mold spores from your basement. 

Seal the Leaks 

If you have any leaks and cracks in your basement, seal them properly. It will keep the moisture of your basement at the right level. 

Control Humidity 

You would want to control the humidity of your basement; if you have a house in a place with high humidity. Install a dehumidifier and humidity gauge to track and reduce it. Always keep it below 60%. 

Protect your Foundation 

Mold can damage your foundation and make it weak. Use a dry gypsum wall and primer to seal your foundation. It will prevent water from reaching the core of the foundation. Thus, it will remain protected from molds. 

Once molds start invading your basement, you have no option but to get rid of them. It is how you’ll do it:

Prepare Your Basement and Cover Yourself

Before starting the operation, you have to prepare your basement for it. Open all the windows and doors to ensure proper ventilation. If your basement has fans, turn them on. You will have to clear and move things away from the mold-infested area. Cover yourself with gloves, long sleeves, safety glasses, and a mask. 

Throw Away Damaged Items 

If your basement wall is covered, it is very to remove the mold from it. Because molds can penetrate inside the walls and affect the materials inside- you will have to remove these materials to control molds from spreading. Remove the affected drywall and other carpeting areas affected by them. Whether you are looking for the cost to drywall a basement or the cost per square foot to mud and tape drywall, we have something to help you out.

Kill Molds With Mold-killing Solutions 

In this stage of the process- you will have to apply mold-killing solutions to the affected area. It can be white vinegar, baking soda, bleach, etc. You have to mix them with hot water and spray them on the molds. Use a sprayer for doing it.

Scrub off Molds Using Cloth or Brush         

Mold killing solution will kill all the molds from your basement wall, floor, or ceiling. Finally, scrub off all the molds using a cloth or stiff bristle brush.

By Hemant Kumar

I am a zealous writer who loves learning, redesigning the information, and sharing the original content in an innovative and embellish manner. I hope you will find my work beneficial and entertaining. Happy Reading!