Want your amazing range of false eyelashes to get trending with the customers? Capturing attention of cosmetic shoppers toward your products is not that easy especially when they have countless choices. Packaging can be a game changer for piquing the interest of buyers in your offers. Captivating custom lash boxes would leave the lash lovers hooked to your offers. Enthralling packaging featuring faux mink, silk and other falsies would attract the onlookers. You can create notable inkling for your brand through communicative boxes. Customers can be compelled into exploring the offers by describing distinctive features and formulation of the items on packaging. Boxes with persuasive information would expedite the purchase process. 

Packaging enlightening the customers about striking specifications of the flared and magnetic false lashes would intrigue them into trying the items. Best custom Rigid box packaging is long lasting and you can have it printed with catchy customizations. Interactive boxes would assist you with selling and branding better. You can highlight the core values and vision of your cosmetic manufacturing company on the packaging to build a noteworthy and likable image of your beauty brand. To get the best out of your retail boxes, have them printed with right elements by an adept packaging provider. 

Lash veterans like buying bundled deals and saver offers, presenting and promoting the sets in enlivening packaging would help you with pitching the discounted deals. You can make the eyelash extension kits enticing for the shoppers using engrossing boxes. Appealing packaging would make the offers hard to ignore. Boxes with engaging layout and text details would help you with landing more customers. Investing in personalized packaging would go a long way in earning your business recognition. 

Tips in today’s post will help you with printing riveting and result-oriented rigid boxes for falsies!

Rigid Box Packaging with Evert Bit of Product Info 

Boxes for lash extensions carrying basic and additional details about the packaged items would make them worthwhile. Intriguing packaging would leave the shoppers flabbergasted. Flaunt the features of the strip and other false eyelashes on the boxes. For instance, you can list the names of manufacturing components of the falsies and what makes them better than similar items available in the market. If the products are professional quality and avidly used by salons and lash technicians, promote it through packaging. 

Choosing Printing Technique and Stock for the Boxes 

It is better to read up in detail about the commonly preferred stocks and techniques used in rigid packaging printing so that you can give your input to the printer. Cardstock, paperboard and kraft are the materials preferred for cosmetic boxes. Cardboard custom lash boxes are manufactured using CMYK process, they are pleasing to the eyes and are sturdy enough to keep the packaged products safe from getting tampered by heat, shock, dust and moisture. Biodegradable packaging is environment and user friendly, if your makeup items are cruelty-free, have the boxes printed with kraft paper. 

Make use of a Gripping Packaging Design 

Artwork of the boxes should be coruscating and must complement the kind of artificial eyelashes packaged inside. Ask the graphics team to use illustrations, color scheme and text that defines the product you intend to promote. Get design variations made for the magnetic, individual, colored and other falsies. Name of the item and your brand’s logo printed with shiny embossed font would pop on the packaging. 

Interesting Rigid Box Packaging 

Boxes printed with tips and tricks on using the eyelash extensions for creating different looks would be liked by the customers. You can have the packaging printed with TV show, movie, fashion era and other themes that your target audience finds amusing. During festivities and days like Valentine’s, present the gift offers in decorative boxes with glitzy ribbons and paper flowers. 

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Boxes should make the Product Usage Simpler 

Packaging for the false eyelashes should have utility and value. When selecting the box style, you should opt for a layout that makes the packaging easy to deal with. Provide your social media profile especially Facebook and Instagram’s links on the boxes so that shoppers can connect with your team for queries about your latest offers. 

When getting the custom lash boxes printed in bulk, look out for a wholesale printer that can offer you affordable and timely services. Do market research and ask for word of mouth packaging suppliers’ referrals, you can then vet the pricing and turnaround time for the boxes to find a good bargain.

Don’t fall for too good to be true promises of some printing providers, vet the veracity of a claim before signing up for your wholesale print job. If you intend to choose an e-printing company, check out the website, user experience and privacy policy before deciding. 

Revamp the Packaging Layout at Regular Intervals 

Design and style of the lash boxes need to be tweaked after every six or more months to add an element of newness to your offers. Work with the graphic designers to come up with new artwork ideas or make changes to the ones you already have. Offering something unique to shoppers in the form of packaging layout would retain their interest in your brand and cosmetics. You can launch celeb endorsed boxes or packaging inspired by a popular or trending cause. 

Window Custom Lash Boxes 

Window packaging would enhance the visibility of the false eyelashes, it will also enable then shoppers to take their product pick after viewing length and volume of the items. This will save your counter staff time and effort of explaining the obvious specs to the shoppers. You can play with customizations around the window for giving boxes a beguiling touch. Die-cut window packaging would look fancy and you can play with text around it for adding more appeal. The boxes carrying mystery products inside can be printed with patterns and artwork that interest your target customers. 

Packaging that Customers find Worth Storing 

Boxes for lashes printed with names and percentage of ingredients, how to safely apply the lashes and links to your tutorial videos would get your brand and offers commendation from the lash lovers. Instead of wasting the packaging space on traditional and annoying marketing messages, utilize it for providing assistance to beginners who don’t know much about the different kind of falsies. 

Rigid box packaging printed with real reviews of the customers would serve as social proof for your beauty items. Use the boxes for incentivizing and rewarding shoppers, you can do that by giving away a small gift like lash curler, mascara or discount coupon, small things count for making a bigger impact. 

Packaging must have your official website address and customer support contact details so that digital buyers can inquire about their favorites and shop online. 

By Hemant Kumar

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