Air Leaks in Windows

Insulating is protecting your home. The better you insulate, the lower the energy bills you have to pay for both heating and cooling. The money you save off of your energy bill will pay for your insulation investment many times over.

Air sealing is an important process of home insulation. Follow these easy steps to seal air leaks around your house:

Use caulk and weatherstripping

Weatherstripping and caulk can help keep air leaks from ruining your energy bills. Caulk and weatherstripping work best to seal air leaks around windows and doors and will save you an average of 15 to 20 percent on energy costs.

Install foam gaskets

Air leaks around the wiring boxes inside your walls waste energy and money. The easiest way to block those leaks is with foam gaskets. Installation is quick and easy—discreetly close those doors, little by little, until you can’t hear air rushing in or out of a room. Or, for a quicker fix, grab a tapered gasket for areas where outlets face each other. 

Install draft stoppers

Place draft stoppers underneath your doors to create a weatherproof seal that helps prevent hot or cold air from escaping. Pair three stoppers with a silicone caulk tube and caulking gun to seal more leaky drafty doors.

Partner with the pros for better AC operation in your home

Do you experience air conditioning problems in your home? If yes, do not hesitate to call your trusted professionals in your local area. Hiring a professional air conditioner repair service may make the most sense if you don’t want to be exposed to hazards, save time, or if you plan on using your home’s central air conditioning system for an extended period of time. Get more information about AC repair costs and services by talking to a licensed HVAC contractor today. Call now!

By Hemant Kumar

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