To make any event venue look more attractive, the easiest and most affordable way of giving a makeover to the chairs and tables is to cover it with some luxurious-looking fabric, preferably white, that look splendid.  Chair covers and table linens are the perfect companions that event managers fall back upon to decorate the venue and enhance its appeal. Chairs and tables are the most visible objects at any event venue and primarily responsible for contributing to the aesthetics of the place. In that sense, chairs and tables used at events are decorative pieces and owe a lot to chair covers that help create the most beautiful looks. Draping chairs with white linen covers would make the objects look like proud swans swimming in a lake while delighting the guests with comfortable seating and other hospitable features.

Rent the covers

Along with renting bare chairs, you can rent the covers too that can help to decorate the venue with luxurious and elegant chairs while remaining within your budget. Since the covers become more important for aesthetics, you can compromise on the quality of the chair by focusing more on the functionality than the looks so that you can save some money by hiring some modest but comfortable chairs. 

Colour options

White is the most common colour for covers because it looks bright and elegant and matches any setting and theme colours. However, covers are available in many other colours, predominantly in light shades, to help maintain neutrality, making it more flexible to match the other decorations and the surrounding. Furthermore, choosing some premium covers for the chairs will add a new dimension to its appeal, making the event more exciting and enjoyable. 

Fabrics for slipcovers

Remember that the fabrics for slipcovers are different from the fabrics used for upholstery because the purpose is different. Since the upholstery is an integral part of the chair, the fabric chosen must be tough enough to withstand the constant rubbing that leads to wear and tear. In addition, since it is neither easy nor practicable to change upholstery often, the fabric quality must ensure its longevity besides maintaining the looks. 

 However, the purpose of slipcovers is to provide a temporary makeover to the chairs to remain wholly covered while looking beautiful.  Cotton, twill, polyester-cotton blend and suede are some of the standard fabrics used for slipcovers.

How to choose the fabric for slipcovers

When choosing the fabric for slipcovers, consider the nature of the use of the chairs. For example, if you are making covers for chairs used on the deck or patio of your home, you can consider any material depending on your taste, style and budget. Moreover, for home use, slipcovers must last for some time, and the materials must be suitable for it.

On the other hand, cheaper materials, primarily the polyester-cotton blend, are most preferred for commercial use because of the shiny and silky looks and the ease of washing for repeated use. 

By Hemant Kumar

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