Do you want to sell your home as soon as tomorrow?

Perhaps you need to relocate immediately and you need to get rid of your home before you do. Or you’re in dire financial pressure and selling the home is the only way to raise the funds you need. Or the property is in distress, probably facing foreclosure, and you want to sell it and cash in instead of losing everything to the lender.

Regardless of your situation, selling your home fast is going to be a little challenging (depending on various circumstances) but not impossible.

In this article, we’re sharing tips to sell a house fast. Read on!

Get the Title in Order

A house is a big-ticket item. Not many people have the ability to splurge the cash on impulse without doing proper due diligence. Anyone eyeing your home will want to ensure that the ownership documentation is in order.

As such, the first step to selling a house quickly is to ensure the title is clean and clear. If it’s not in your name –perhaps you inherited it and it’s still in the name of the person who passed it down to you or it’s held in trust – you’re going to face some challenges. Unless your name is on the title and you’re the sole owner, you have no power to sign over the house to another person.

If there are liens on the house, clear them before putting the house on sale. If you’re the outright owner but can’t seem to find the title deed, be sure to get a replacement before proceeding with the sale.

The Price Has to Be Right

Even if your goal is to sell the house as quickly as possible, However, if you want to save money on expenses like the real estate agent’s commission, you can sell your house fast in Texas without using a broker. 

Unfortunately, price can be a big haggling point between a seller and a prospective buyer. Even when the price is below the market price, buyers still want to get the sellers to cut the price further. Everyone loves a big discount!

It goes without saying that your pricing of the property has to be friendly when your primary goal is to sell quickly. If you price the house aggressively, many prospective buyers are going to pass it over. Others will just check it out without making an offer, wasting your precious time.

Give Preference to Cash Buyers

You want to sell your property fast? Prioritize cash buyers.

If you accept the offer of a buyer who’s taking out a mortgage, the process could take longer than you’d want it to. The mortgage process is multi-step and can take several weeks before an application is approved. Bear in mind that the lender can also reject the application, throwing you back to square one.

On the other hand, cash deals can close in a matter of days. So, if you’re asking what is the fastest way to sell my house, look for a cash buyer, especially the companies that buy homes for cash.

Sell Your Home Fast with This Guide

When you want to sell your home fast, there’s a blueprint you need to follow. Get the title in order, price the property well, and try to avoid lender-financed buyers. Of course, don’t forget to ensure the house looks the part.

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By Hemant Kumar

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