In the US, around 40% of people older than 65 have age-associated memory impairment. While only 1% progress to dementia every year, it can still be a frustrating problem to have.

The key to fighting off memory impairment is to train your brain early on. Think of your brain as a muscle; if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it!

Here’s how to train your brain for success and keep yourself sharp for years to come.

Don’t Multitask

This might sound like a strange way to train your brain. After all, if you can juggle more things at once, it exercises your brain more, right?

The reality is, this overloads your mind and is counterproductive!

What you need to do is focus on 1 task at a time to really train your brain for success. This will enable you to produce better quality work, no matter what task is at hand.

Play Games

Who knew video games would be good for something?

The best games to train your brain are ones that require logic and reasoning, such as puzzle games. There are also train your brain games made specifically to help people with powering up their noggins. You can find these on both smartphones and gaming systems.

It’s also believed that memory improvement games help support brain health. Constant use of the brain helps exercise this vital organ to boost its function. Furthermore, people who want to train their brains can utilize websites that offer free cognitive assessment and daily cognitive training activities to improve logic, focus, reaction, cognition, and retention.

Keep Learning

The most dangerous thing to do is to stagnate. You might feel comfortable going through the rest of your life without learning anything new, but that’s not good for your brain. Plus, that’s boring!

The beauty of this type of brain training is there are so many things you can learn. From learning to bake cakes to finding out about the types of houseplants there are, any new knowledge will keep your mind sharp.

There are many online learning resources you can choose from to help train your brain for success. For instance, craft, technology, finance, health, and business experts use social media platforms to teach people various concepts, techniques, and practical exercises that can help improve cognitive functioning, psychological well-being, and decision making. 

In addition, you can also learn from your family and friends. For example, if your spouse, parent, or friend is good at dancing, playing guitar, or composing songs, you can ask for their help to learn these activities. With regular practice, you’ll memorize the dance steps, musical chords, or song-writing techniques, helping enhance your brain health.

Read More

When’s the last time you sat down with a good book? If you can’t remember when, then it’s time to dust off those hardcovers or your e-reader.

Reading can stimulate your brain and help with cognitive function. Also, this can also help with memory, which is key in training your brain too.

Did you know that a bookmark is also an excellent tool to assess your brain function? Reading is a brain enhancer, and you can use a bookmark to help you quickly check the page you’ve read the last and test your memory. At first, you might not remember the last topic or chapter you’ve read in the book, but you’ll eventually retain information with this regular memory practice.

Jog Your Memory

Speaking of memory, retaining things in your mind can also help train it. Try to recall things from memory instead of referring to your phone or list.

Things you can try memorizing include your phone number, shopping list, friends’ addresses, etc.

Try Neurofeedback Therapy

What is neurofeedback therapy? It’s a type of therapy that uses EEG biofeedback.

The EEG sensors and machine will provide the brain analysis software with some valuable information. For instance, it’ll show where your brain needs extra work. The therapy will then train those areas until they’re strengthened.

As a result, you can improve your memory, experience less anxiety, and more!

Train Your Brain and Stay Sharp

If you train your brain now, you’ll thank yourself later. When you have a sharp mind in your later years, it’ll have a huge impact on your quality of life!

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By Hemant Kumar

I am a zealous writer who loves learning, redesigning the information, and sharing the original content in an innovative and embellish manner. I hope you will find my work beneficial and entertaining. Happy Reading!