Are you making good money with your business? Well, you can make more with TikTok now. If you are asking How to use TikTok Bio Link to earn more money, it is pretty simple. TikTok is a short video platform used by millions of users. You can take advantage of that provided the platform is exactly free to use. Aside, it works on the basis of hashtags (not Keywords like Google, which is a bit time-consuming). The results are very fast. You can count on your business to easily grow in time. 

How to use TikTok Bio Link to earn more money

The process is simple. All you need is a TikTok account and fill up the profile data. That should get you going on beginner. Now you can just post videos of your business or make new ones, preferably short ones. 

But is it all? No.

This is just starting out. You will get a lot of views and even followers. You will gain users to your business too, who will buy your products very easily. 

While you will be happy with the success, this is just a tiny way to use TikTok to popularize your business. 

Well, in order to know How to use TikTok Bio Link to earn more money, you need to learn about something. 

TikTok as mentioned uses hashtags to generate answers for its viewers. This means you can optimize your short video description using relevant tags. And the rest will be handle by the platform itself.

What you have to do exactly? 

You can optimize your video’s hashtags to get more users to see your videos. And when they find your video, they can be directed to your website. 

For that, we need to optimize your Bio description, use your website’s link and prepare a landing page. 

Let us understand each of these in a brief.

1. Optimize your Bio Description

Optimization of Bio Description is almost nothing. You have to just mention your business in the most attractive way. Mention the services, advantages clearly. That’s all. You can also add a lot of extra things if there is space. 

Your bio description is done, but you can do some possible SEO and use ranked hashtags. Highly popular hashtags are already provided by TikTok. You can get all of them when you edit a video description and proceed to put it on hashtags. 

You can use 5-6 of them or just all of them. 

The popularity of the hashtags decreases/increases over time. So keep track of them whenever possible. 

2. Your Website’s Link

Your TikTok account will not mint money immediately. It will probably take a good amount of time to get followers and also get your account indexed right. 

In the meantime, you can add your Website’s Link to your bio. This will appear upon your profile display. 

Users will get to see your link and click on it. They will land on your actual business website page in no time. 

You can even add your Instagram links, Twitter links, and a handful of others if needed. 

This is just the basic setup. Now you need to use a landing page to create a proper representation of your business. 

Why you will need a landing page? 

One word answer, you can add a lot of onsite page links. 

A landing page isn’t just a show-off of the page of your business. It’s a page that lets your users/followers know about your business in a clear-cut representation.

The better the representation, the faster your users will understand it. They might just probably recommend it to others. 

For that, your website’s homepage isn’t really best. That’s why you need to use a custom-built landing page that will show everything very clear. You can also make it more attractive, include more links and whatnot. 

3. Use a Landing page to showcase your business

As per the latest update, you can only add a single link to your TikTok Bio. Not anything more than this. This feature is very common for almost, all types of social media platforms. And if you want to really understand on How to use TikTok Bio Link to earn more money, there is no other simple way. 

Well, the owners still need to earn better than your leads. So yes, this is the reason. 

But you don’t need to care about this. There are a lot of free landing page creators you can use.

One of them is TapBioLink. The bio that brings professional-grade landing page options. You can add a lot of external links to your business website. Even categorize the links to their uses.

To use the feature, you first need to make an account in TapBioLink Website. So, head over to their website and first make an account. You may need an email verification too. 

Then, Use your Instagram link as the bio link when creating the page. You will easily be able to generate the Bio link. 

When you use your Instagram profile link in the process, the site will generate a unique business link. 

Where to find the unique TapBioLink?

This URL or the unique business link generated is your usable link. This is the link that you will put in the website link’s placeholder, in your TikTok Bio. 

That’s all. 

TapBioLink also offers classic options for adding more than one link. You can add links to your categories, link homepages, social links, and a lot of other pages too. 

You can create a custom landing page, use your short videos to direct users to a specific part of the site. Then, they can directly navigate to the product, buy it or just leave the site. 

In this way, you can optimize your TikTok Bio Link to earn more money.  

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