Web forms are an essential element for any of the phases of hotel marketing: attracting an audience, converting anonymous visitors into potential clients, closing sales opportunities, linking clients with our brand, knowing their opinion or incorporating them into a loyalty program.

The appearance of your hotel receipt formssays a lot about your brand. The order of the questions, or being able to recognize the interlocutor (and not ask for information that you already know) is essential to have a good response rate. Your forms should convey confidence, appear professional, and facilitate conversation. If you take care of the design, the user perceives that you take care or will take care of it.

Depending on the level of relationship with users:Traffic, identified, interested (leads); and clients: before, during or after the stay, the conversation will depend, and where appropriate the web form. There are some typical categories of forms such as:

Contact: The one you propose for an interested party to contact you or request help. They usually require fields such as name, contact information, list of contact preference options, and free text to detail the message and give a reason for the contact. It is typically posted on the web.

Generation of sales opportunity: Destined to convert your visitors into sales opportunities. They have fields similar to those of contact, although the contact information email and telephone is very relevant to be able to give continuity to the sales process.

From registration to a promotion, raffle, and contest, where what you are looking for is to create a database of new users.

On duty, Precheckin: You can send it to the client’s reservation; it is a service that users appreciate for facilitating subsequent procedures. The fields have to do with personal data, although you can take advantage to, for example, offer other services from a list. Although by law you have to request identification in the registry, the form allows you to upload images of your ID or passport so that the process of registering it would already be done.

Of service, welcome (pre-stage): You give your client the opportunity to communicate any need related to the stay. It can be a specific communication or included as a field (open text recommended) of another communication with a form, such as the precheckin.

Superior sale or cross sale to reserve added services. It is effective 24/48 hours before the arrival of the client, which is when it is sensitive to information related to travel. If in the communication you propose upsell services or other services, for the reservation or closing of the sale you will need to support yourself on the web form.

On duty, captive portal (during stay): Access to Wi-Fi is a very efficient means of electronic identification of clients and the registration form is a necessary identification that the client understands as pertinent.

Service request (during the stay): It is a proposal for a quick channel to contact the reception or other service area of ​​the hotel (restaurant, cafeteria, spa etc…) where you can list services and conditions, and the answer will come directly to the area involved. QR codes or NFC technology are often used as a fast communication channel. The room number field is essential for mapping the service request.

Feedback (during the stay): It can be proposed before checking-out by sending it via SMS, email or instant messaging; or through tablet or similar devices. It has the advantage over the post-stay that the opinion is received with the client in the accommodation and it is possible to react in person. The fields are the variables you want to measure for cleanliness, service, comfort, and open text to delve into the details and why.

Opinion (post-stay): Similar to the previous one, it can include evaluation / scale fields (recommended NPS system), list of options, dichotomous, open text. The extension is key in the response rate, we recommend no more than 7 questions for in case of deployment on PC, and 5 for deployment on tablet or mobile, and apply rules of appearance to certain questions or appearance according to device. Having functionalities to ask in case of negative evaluation will give you very useful information while maintaining a good user experience.

Web forms give you versatility, massive reach, and market intelligence for all your digital marketing actions.

By Hemant Kumar

I am a zealous writer who loves learning, redesigning the information, and sharing the original content in an innovative and embellish manner. I hope you will find my work beneficial and entertaining. Happy Reading!