KBC is an Indian game show which is broadcast on the Star Plus channel on television. Amitabh Bachan, a famous actor of India hosts this show, it is presented in the Hindi language. KBC is abbreviated as Kaun Banega Crorepati and in English, we can translate it as “who wants to be a billionaire”. 

KBC has enabled people to play the Lottery online. The online lottery system has many benefits over the conventional type lottery system. In the online lottery system, there is less chance of facing any issue as all of the player information is secure and saved in individual separate accounts and the players can access their accounts easily. 

KBC WhatsApp lottery system

Many lottery forms are introduced in the KBC 2021 lucky draw. In KBC 2021 lucky draw people can buy online WhatsApp lottery tickets. They would buy their lottery WhatsApp tickets. Most of the lottery players in India prefer to buy WhatsApp lottery tickets because of the guaranteed high security of lottery tickets.  

Keep in mind the following recommendations while playing KBC Whatsapp lottery 2021:

  • For participating in the KBC Whatsapp lottery you must have an Indian sim card, it could be of any network in India. After buying the Indian sim card, activate it as it must be linked with the respective Indian network. The winning chances can increase if you are getting the balance on that sim daily.
  • Mostly the lucky draw happens at the last of the month so you must keep visiting the KBC official website as the winning list is uploaded on the 1st or 2nd date of the next upcoming month.
  • If you are an Indian citizen then there is a chance you get fake calls about the WhatsApp lottery so in case you got one then must complain about it to the KBC head office.

WhatsApp lottery winning list 

The Whatsapp lottery gamers can check the winners on the internet. A winner list is available on the internet and anyone can access the KBC official website to check his or her name in the winning list. A person has more chances to win the WhatsApp lottery if he or she has more than one mobile number. 

After buying the WhatsApp lottery tickets you should have to visit the  KBC official website again and again to check KBC Lottery Number Check. KBC keeps updating its KBC official website to inform gamers about the latest information. Be alert and  Keep an eye on the winning list, maybe you would find your name in the latest winning list. 

If you have bought a WhatsApp lottery ticket and you do not win the WhatsApp lottery in that month then you should not worry. You can win the lottery in the next upcoming month or maybe later but you should be steadfast and do not lose hope.

KBC WhatsApp head office

KBC has developed different head offices for each form including IMO head office and Sim card head office. A separate WhatsApp head office is formed for the WhatsApp lottery gamers. KBC has provided their WhatsApp head office official number so for any query about the lottery anyone can contact them.

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