Administered by the global professional accounting body, the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is regarded as one of the most difficult examinations for students in the finance domain. Even the low pass rates in the ACCA examination indicate the difficulty level for exam sitters. According to the ACCA announced pass rates of its latest exam sitting for June 2021, more than 103,000 students worldwide entered around 128,000 examinations. Out of the total number of exam sitters, only 3,838 candidates finished their final examinations to become ACCA affiliates. The pass percentage of the ACCA exam shows that a major chunk of candidates struggles to pass this professional qualification. Thus, these aspiring candidates can totally depend upon ACCA exam papers to qualify for the examination with flying colours.

Along with taking help from the ACCA past papers, aspiring students need to be motivated, sincere, dedicated, committed, and have self-belief and seriousness to succeed in the ACCA exam as the difficulty level of the examination increases with progress. Now that you are familiar with the level of difficulty in the ACCA exams, explore how ACCA past papers can benefit you in securing its affiliation.

Prepare for exam day with ACCA Past Papers

In essence, ACCA past papers are an indispensable resource that prepares aspiring students for the styles of question that they may face in their examination. These papers provide an insight into what to expect from the upcoming exams, helping you feel more prepared. ACCA publishes past papers twice a year. The examining team selects these questions to help students in practicing for the exams.

With the help of past papers, candidates will be able to look at the previous trends and style of the questions in order to pinpoint areas that need to be focused on. In a nutshell, past papers are the model question papers that help aspirants prepare for the coming exams. Students can focus on the pattern of questions and identify the underlying theme that may come up in the next exam.

Moreover, ACCA also publishes answers along with the questions on the ACCA Global website. Aspiring students can avail themselves of past papers on the official website of the ACCA freely. The model paper will help students understand how they need to attempt questions and answer them confidently.

Top-notch business schools in the United Kingdom’s London help students answer the questions correctly to get full marks in the examination. With the help of highly experienced tutors, students can gain in-depth knowledge to answer questions without running out of time. These seasoned tutors have industry and theoretical knowledge to help students complete the examination with full marks.

Wrapping Up

After qualifying for the ACCA exam, students can work in a variety of sectors, such as banking, management, and consultancy. As the course provides in-depth knowledge of taxation, auditing, account handling, and management accounting, students can make a career in Accounting or Finance. So, prepare for the ACCA exam with London’s leading business schools by enrolling in the programme now!

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