The model arrangement,sapphire screen, around,slight cover, two-day battery life, and a heartbeat screen make the top-end smartwatch worth the additional expense.

Design and display 

The Watch GT 2 Pro is made out of titanium rather than tempered steel this time around, and it’s significantly heavier. Rather than 41g, it’s 52g, so that is about 25% heavier. 

The shade of the model that I received from huawei shop south africa is called Night Black, and it additionally comes in Nebula Gray. Truly, in the event that I didn’t check the shading marked on the container, I would have speculated that this one was Nebula Gray, chiefly on the grounds that tiny with regards to this item is really dark. It arrives in a silver titanium packaging that makes it look a bit more refined than the conventional dark case. 


Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 

Smash: 512MB 

Screen: 1.4in AMOLED (286ppi) sapphire 

Capacity: 4GB 

Network: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, pulse sensor 

Measurements: 42mm x 11.3mm 

Similarity: Android and iOS 

LiteOS and battery life

We should speak a bit about LiteOS, which is Huawei’s smartwatch working framework that allows us those long stretches of battery life. As a matter of fact, discussing the battery life, 14 days hasn’t been totally exact I would say, with any Watch GT model. My experience is more similar to 10 days, which is clearly still far more than you’ll get with whatever else. Normally, I use it for exercises and such, so GPS kicks on. 

I likewise never need to allow it to draw near to running out of battery. In the event that I toss it on the charger while I bounce in the shower for 20 minutes, that gets me a few days of utilization. Battery life is simply not a worry with this thing, and when you arrive at a point like that, you begin to think recently. For instance, I had the option to take some time off and not carry a smartwatch charger with me.

LiteOS does what it does out of the container. There’s no application store, similar to what you’d find on a Wear OS watch or one of Samsung’s Tizen-based watches. In any case, a smartwatch is something individual, and you need to choose what you need from it. Dislike a cell phone where I can simply point you toward the gadget that does everything best. Clearly, Wear OS and Tizen have better application environments. 

Be that as it may, LiteOS is better at different things, primarily battery life and wellness. It additionally upholds nearby music playback, as I referenced previously. I don’t utilize it, however, as it doesn’t function admirably when you utilize a membership music administration. 

Huawei likewise improved at showing notices. In past ages, I saw a great deal of unusual text-wrapping issues, where words would be cut off and some portion of them would be on the following line. That is by all accounts fixed. I likewise totally love the way that the Huawei Health application handles warnings. 

Naturally, they’re totally wound down. This is acceptable, on the grounds that notices are a terrible item. I can’t stand it when I set up some new Wear OS watch and I begin getting warnings on my wrist that I’d regularly overlook on my telephone. For instance, I may begin getting warnings that a photograph is matching up to OneDrive, something that I can undoubtedly disregard on my telephone, yet feels irritating and meddling on my wrist. 

In Huawei Health, you simply go through the rundown of applications and mark off the ones you need to get notices from. This is in opposition to how most different things work, where you need to uncheck applications that you would prefer not to get warnings from. 


At the point when I composed the title for this audit, I said it’s the best smartwatch that you can use with an Android telephone. Actually, this is my smartwatch of choice with an iPhone also, however, to be reasonable, there’s firm rivalry from the Apple Watch. Nobody is questioning that. 

I have two reasons to fuss with the Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro. One is that you need to pick between the consistently in plain view and raise to wake. I need both, similar to what I can get with some other smartwatch. The other thing is the voice prompts when working out, which are extraordinarily irritating, baffling, and embarrassing. 

Yet, this is only an incredible smartwatch; it’s my most loved smartwatch. The Watch GT 2 Pro gets a long battery life. You don’t need to consider in case there’s sufficient squeeze left to do a product update. Battery life simply isn’t something that you need to contemplate. As I said, I simply toss it on the charge for 20 minutes while I’m in the shower. 

The other thing that is pleasant is the Huawei biological system. This was matched with a P30 Pro, and I was utilizing FreeBuds 3 for earphones. Everything simply works consistently together. 

It additionally does precisely what I need a smartwatch to do. It handles notices on a select in premise rather than a quit premise, and it tracks wellness all around well. Like I’ve said, wellness following is something that I wind up caring increasingly about. I’m searching for stages that can be more proactive in assisting with health.

By Hemant Kumar

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