The Internet is available to almost every person on the planet. But how much of the general percentage is known to a layman? What are the best ways to make the best use of the internet, and whom to call for when you’re an enterprise trying to create a lasting digital footprint?

The person who is responsible for all these is a web developer. The job of a web developer is not just programming; they will also be responsible for all the functional and logical things of the website. A web development company provides these web developers.

Now, let’s see what the role of a web developer is.

Role Of A Web Developer

The primary role of a Web Development professional is designing, developing, coding, and modifying websites. They also develop the layouts and the functions of the websites according to their client’s needs.

Apart from all these, there are some other web developer job duties. They are as follows:

  • They will have to regularly interact with the executive management, business stakeholders, and the authorities.
  • They will also have to solve many technical problems and errors.
  • They should also have enough knowledge and experience in developing and delivering various software.
  • A web development company also wants its web developers to have profound knowledge about web applications and programming languages like HTML, API, JavaScript, and JQuery.
  • Lastly, web developers should have deep knowledge about creating and designing web services.

So, now, let us determine the expected salary of a web developer, shall we?

How Much Salary Can A Web Developer Expect?

A prevalent question that tends to arise in people’s minds is, do web developers get paid well? Well, like any other profession, a web developer’s salary depends on many factors:

  1. Location- For starters, location matters. Different places have different living expenses. Costlier cities have higher wages due to the more expensive lifestyle.
  2. Experience- Apart from location, another factor is the experience of the web developer. A web development company would pay its freshers less than those with proper knowledge. The expected annual salary of a fresher web developer will be lower, but the salary increases with experience over time.
  3. Job role- This is also another deciding factor. A developer has to take upon many job roles, like being a Full-stack developer. The more the job role, the higher the salary will be.
  4. Skillset- The last deciding factor is the skill set of a developer. The skills of web developers vary from one person to another, and so does the salary. Higher the skills, higher the salary.

As of a 2019 study, The approximate annual salary of a web developer in America is $54000 to $102000, based on their performance, skills, and expertise.  As with any other job, the salaries go up based on the factors mentioned above and experience.

There are also plenty of options for job seekers where workers can expect to earn deserving wages and gain valuable experience at such places.

Web Developers For The Future!

In this 21st century, with the arrival of fast internet service and various websites, the job of a web developer has become very pivotal. The success and the failure of the website depend on the skills and knowledge of the web developer.

The wages and pay are decent, but they also have to put in a lot of work. The developers practically have to do everything from designing a website to bringing it to life. And due to this reason alone, web developers are in high demand.

By Hemant Kumar

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