Do you constantly wake up in the mornings feeling achy all over your body? Does constant back, neck, and shoulder pain harass you all day long? This could be the cause of bad gaming posture.

If you’re a gamer who enjoys gaming for several hours a day, then it’s time to focus on your posture. What is proper gaming posture and how is bad posture affecting you on a regular basis? The best posture for gaming is similar to good posture when working at an office desk on the computer for 8 hours every day. 

You’ll need to keep your spine, neck, legs, and arms all well-aligned to achieve great posture while gaming. How can you ensure you do this? In the guide below, there are several tips to help you improve your gaming posture. 

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1. Purchase a Gaming Chair

One of the first steps to consider is purchasing a gaming chair. What type of chair do you currently use while gaming? Do you use a dining room chair or another random chair you found around the house? 

How do you sit in the chair while gaming? These are all important questions to take note of. Although gaming chairs might seem like a luxury to simply add to the aesthetics of your gamer’s room, they’re much more than that.

The right gaming chair will help with posture by keeping your body in the proper position to ensure everything’s aligned and relaxed. These chairs are adjustable, which is necessary for you to find a comfortable position. While sitting, your feet should rest flat on the floor. 

Your thighs should also rest flat on the chair. The backrest on the chair should be at a 90-135 degree angle. This angle will push your back into an upright position. It also prevents you from slouching over and makes sitting up straight more comfortable for you.

Consider finding a chair with a headrest as well to help keep your head and shoulders in the proper position also. 

2. Use an Adjustable Desk

Now it’s time to find yourself an adjustable gaming desk. The desk you find should be ergonomic. You want its height to be adjustable, but you also want the shelf that holds the monitor to be adjustable as well. 

While gaming at the desk, your arms should remain parallel to the ground. They shouldn’t be at an angle of any kind. For this reason, the keyboard and mouse should be at the specific height that makes this possible for you. 

The shelf where you place the monitor should be adjustable also because you want it to be at eye level with you. This will prevent you from needing to look up or down, which causes strain on your neck. 

3. Place Footpads on the Ground

For some people, it can be difficult to find the perfect posture, even with adjustable chairs and desks. Don’t let this discourage you though. If needed, place a footpad on the ground just below your feet. 

You can find feet pads made specifically for ergonomics in the office, which will work well for your gaming desk too. These pads can help position your feet and legs correctly, especially for those whose feet may not reach the ground. These pads are also a good way to keep your feet comfortable rather than remaining flat on the hard ground for several hours.

Place your feet on the pad and then adjust your chair and desk accordingly. Your legs should be bent at a 90-degree angle. You want to also avoid crossing your legs or sitting on them since doing so can limit the blood flow. 

4. Keep a Distance From the Monitor

When you’re sitting at your gaming desk, you want the monitor to be 20 inches or further from your face. Anything closer than that can cause neck, shoulder, and eye strain. A great tip for deciding if the monitor is at an appropriate length or not is to reach one arm out in front of you.

The monitor should be about arm’s length from you. You may need to do some adjusting when dealing with vision issues or larger monitors. Just be sure you’re comfortable while looking at the screen and can see the images on it clearly. 

5. Put Shoulders Back

Our last tip is to put your shoulders back while sitting at your desk. If your chair has a headrest, then be sure to keep your head back against it at all times. Your ears should be aligned with your shoulders at all times as well. 

This will prevent a build-up of tension in the muscles. Try to pay close attention to how you’re resting your shoulders while gaming. They should remain in a position where the shoulder blades are back towards each other. 

Your upper back should rest on the back of your chair to help you avoid slouching and shrugging. 

Your Gaming Posture Matters

Your gaming posture has a significant effect on your health. Because of this, the gaming equipment you use is important. Always be sure to use ergonomic gaming equipment to help keep your body in the correct posture at all times. 

Although purchasing multiple ergonomic gaming equipment can become expensive, it’s a necessity not worth skipping out on. Follow all the helpful tips given in this guide above to maintain proper gaming posture no matter how many hours of play you have ahead of you.

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By Hemant Kumar

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