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Forex and stock speculative traders use Meta Quotes Software’s electronic trading platform MT4 to execute online transactions. use Meta Quotes Software’s electronic trading platform MT4 to execute online transactions. Customers of a foreign exchange broker may utilise the software provided by the broker. Customers utilise the broker’s server and client software to keep track of real-time price updates, conduct trades, and keep track of their overall account balance.

One of the client’s successes on this platform is the end-users ability to programme trading scripts and robots. MetaQuotes introduced MetaTrader 5 in 2010. Most brokers were still using MT4 as of April 2013. Even though there isn’t an official Mac OS version of MetaTrader 4, several organisations provide their customised software versions.

The terminal includes editors, compilers, and a user-contributed online library of applications, articles, and support. The MQL4/MQL5 scripting language develops custom indicators, scripts, and Expert Advisors. A large part of MetaTrader’s popularity may be ascribed to the fact that automated trading is possible.


  • MT4 is often used as a stand-alone system by brokers, with the broker handling their positions manually. It’s possible to hedge bets in various financial trading platforms using software developed by third-party developers. Late in 2012 and early in 2013, MetaQuotes Product started removing third-party plugins for their software. Developers and brokers were cautioned and sued as a consequence of the investigation.
  • In MetaTrader, you may use the observation checklist and the market orders. There are four forms of implementation for a Market order: Instant implementation, Request implementation, Markets execution and exchange implementation. The platform price will be utilised to execute the order if it has been set to immediate execution. Therefore, it is possible to forecast the price at which the transaction will be completed, so the deal is completed.
  • Although there might be lost trading chances due to high volatility and the inability to meet the needed price, a trader may utilise the received cost in the Request execution mode to decide whether to buy or sell before requesting a price quotation. Traders make trading judgments in a matter of milliseconds. Using such a mechanism ensures pricing certainty and execution assurance. Execution time will be shorter, which may be longer than in other modes.
  • Even if the platform’s cost is higher than the broker’s, orders will still be processed with the broker’s pricing consideration. This mode allows you to trade without having to worry about requests. But when prices are unclear, the impact may be considerable. If you choose Exchange execution mode, an outside facility fulfils your orders. How the sale is handled depends on market depth.
  • Clients of MT4 may take advantage of free Demo accounts and real-time online trading. Trading, charting, and analysis are all available in real-time. Indicators and signals may be programmed by users using the system’s C-like programming language. It is possible to fine-tune every indicator, and there are a total of 50. The software is compatible with Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista, and 7. 
  • MetaTrader 4 Mobile lets you manage your trading account right from your smartphone or PDA. Microsoft Windows Pocket PC 2003, Apple iOS, and Google Android are all supported.
  • MetaTrader 4 Server is the platform’s heart and soul. It was formed with the express purpose of processing trader requests and displaying and executing warrants. Price quotes and news broadcasts are sent out and archived by the system. A new user interface isn’t necessary.

In the MetaTrader four Data Center, an intermediary exists between the client and the server terminals, serving as a customised proxy server. Sending price quotations is made easier on the central server.

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