Most of us can’t afford to buy clothes and shoes without paying attention to the price tag, no matter how much we want to. It’s all too easy for the bill to explode when you’re shopping for shoes, so it’s natural if you want to be a little more conscious of your decisions. Fast fashion is a direct result of the demand for lower prices in the fashion industry, but it often means lower-quality clothing. What about sports shoes? Should you go for the cheap knock-offs? Or should you stop asking why is nobull so expensive and buy the branded shoes? 

Why Athletic Footwear Is Different

While all footwear vaguely serves the same purpose, most footwear is about fashion. This means that wearing a generic copy of branded heels is not such a big deal. But when it comes to athletic footwear, their purpose is more about functionality than it is about aesthetics. Sure, you want to look good for the Instagram shot before and after your workout, but it’s more important that the shoes function well. 

The Functions Of An Athletic Shoe

Depending on the type of physical activity you are participating in, your feet will need to move in different ways and perform complex maneuvers. Generally speaking, athletics footwear is designed to protect your feet in more ways than one, and to enhance your performance to some degree. For example, running shoes protect you from the risk of injury that is specific to running. This is why they have extra padding in the insole and midsole, to absorb the shock caused by repeated impact of your foot to the ground. Each type of athletic footwear is slightly different, according to the activity it is intended for. Running shoes provide  more traction, basketball shoes allow for more lateral movements, and bowling shoes are less slippery on the bowling alley. 

The Problem With Generic Shoes (In General)

Even if we aren’t talking about athletic footwear in particular, generic footwear manufacturers are likely to use cheaper materials and use shortcuts in the manufacturing process. If a shirt is not of high-quality, it will probably be worn out faster, which isn’t a big deal. But your shoes are meant to protect your feet, especially when it comes to athletic footwear. The last thing you want is to have flimsy material to protect your feet from injury. 


If you can afford it, buying branded, high-quality shoes is important to reduce the risk of injury. This is all the more important when it comes to any type of shoes you intend on using for a workout or sporting activities. Setting aside the risk of injury when wearing generic (low-quality) shoes, there is also a risk of malforming your feet over time, and you’d also be paying more over the long run because cheap shoes are not likely to last long. Buying one pair of expensive shoes that last for a few years is ultimately cheaper than replacing your shoes every season because they’ve worn out. In short, branded shoes are worth the price tag.  

By Hemant Kumar

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