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Landscape fabric will not hold water that has runoff from an adjacent surface. Instead, it acts as a barrier to weed seeds and soil erosion and as a water control mechanism. The landscape fabric is safe and easy to use for your flower beds, so there’s no reason not to use it.

You will see that most landscape fabrics are not designed to be waterproof, especially if they have a permeability greater than 1.0. 

These permeable fabrics will allow rainwater to pass through and keep your soil from becoming saturated with water. As long as you plant drought-tolerant plants, there is no need to worry about water pooling on the surface of the fabric.

Landscape fabric is beneficial for controlling heavy moisture in the soil. It protects the surface from erosion and can be added over a subsurface foam barrier or plastic sheeting. It dramatically reduces moisture saturation of the growing mix and allows water to drain better underneath.

There are, however, some instances where landscape fabric should not be used. For seedlings that are just beginning, it isn’t necessary to cover them as they can benefit from being slightly moist at times.

The moisture barrier. When used correctly, it’s the most powerful tool in the landscaper’s toolbox. What is landscape fabric? It’s a synthetic mesh material widely known for its ability to prevent water from penetrating the surface layer of soil, thereby preventing erosion and reducing plant diseases. It is usually woven from polypropylene or polyethylene fibers of different densities; landscape fabric is sold in rolls ranging from 200 to 1900 feet long.

LawnScape Premium Weed Membrane

  • Weed Membrane by LawnScape is cleaner, safer, and more environmentally friendly than traditional groundsheets available on the market. It is ecologically safe, won’t accumulate in soil for a lifetime
  • 105gsm, 12 x 12 weave mesh; optimum balance between thickness and air-water permeability. Designed by environmental experts. 100% virgin PP, stops 99% of weed growth. Six years of proven performance
  • UV stabilized weed fabric made from strong woven threads for a long-lasting and durable service. A prime choice for gardens, lawns, pathways, greenhouses, nurseries, and under decks
  • Landscape Fabric is easy to lay and cut to desired dimensions. The edges won’t fray if instructions are followed. Weed suppressant membranes prevent soil erosion and leaching of nutrients from the soil
  • We deliver premium garden essentials that are backed by extensive research and quality control in an environmentally friendly manner. We strive to have a satisfied returning customer
  1. Why You Should Use Landscape Fabric
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Landscape fabric is a water-permeable, breathable material that can control weeds but won’t harm your garden. Create a weed-free, water-permeable environment that helps your plants thrive.

Dewitt Landscaping Company claims that plastic in a landscape is not a good practice because it blocks air and moisture from getting into the soil, causing disease and rot in plants. Fabric is a better alternative to plastic for preventing weeds and conserving water.

  1. How Does Landscape Fabric Work?

The best way to protect your soil from water damage is to invest in some high-quality landscape fabric for your landscaping project. It’s designed to keep your soil in place when it rains and allow the right amount of water to pass through it. It also prevents grass from growing into orchards and enables the ground to breathe.

  1. Is Landscape Fabric Porous?

Landscape fabric’s purpose is to protect moist, grassy areas from unwanted materials, such as rocks and mulch. It is made of organic fibers, polypropylene, or polyester, which prevents water from soaking through. Although landscape fabric can be woven to have larger holes in it, most of the time, it isn’t necessary to do so unless you’re using highly porous landscape fabric.

  1. What Is Landscape Fabric Made Of?
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Woven landscape fabrics are designed to provide different levels of durability depending on your needs. If it’s longevity, you’re after. A perennial flower garden may be the best fit for you. But if you need something that won’t take over your garden, choose from the selection of fabrics designed for vegetable and annual flower gardens.

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