Most of the articles are about low maintenance indoor plants like Monstera Ginny because most people search for the easy going plants that are require low maintenance. That’s because everyone wants an easy way out where they don’t have to put in much effort and time, but they still get to enjoy the benefits of indoor plants. Fair enough! Well, people prefer shopping indoor plants online for many reasons like home decor, air purifying, other culinary or medicinal uses etc. But if you want plants solely for decor purposes, you’ve got to check out these high maintenance plants because they are so pretty. You would wonder when easy to care and maintain plants are available indoors, why would anyone pick high maintenance buds and increase the work for themselves, right? Well, that’s because these fussy divas make people fall for their charm. Yes, these plants may not be easy to care for but they are surely easy to love and that’s the reason why they are sold at the same ratio as compared to their easier counterparts. 

We all have killed plants in our life, right? It happens. If neglected for too long, even the easy to maintain plant will give up on you. Similarly, these high care divas need some extra love and you are good to go. Here are some names that fall into this category. If you think you can handle them, go ahead.

Boston fern

Fern is a common name when it comes to planting – indoor and outdoor. There are so many different varieties of ferns and all of them are popular and pretty. Also, most of the fern species fall under the easy to maintain category except this boston ferns. This species looks like an ideal green accent for your home, especially bedroom and living room. The boston ferns have lush green, messy fronds all over that covers a huge area providing dimension and texture to any corner they are placed. Everything is perfect except the fact they are high maintenance. But if you keep moisture and humidity consistent, you may not find any difficulty in maintaining it. Also, since boston ferns are not very expensive, there is nothing wrong in giving them a shot when you order plants online.

Flowering hydrangea

Hydrangeas are a flowering species and hence will beautify your space like no other. This plant is the perfect ick if you love flowering plants and would love to welcome some colorful bloom in your indoor space. This plant does not have a natural all season blooming, infact, it blooms in partial shade and proper care. Hence, it is definitely a plant that would ask for a lot of care especially if you want it to bloom.

Fiddle leaf fig tree

Perhaps the most well known indoor trees, the fiddle-leaf fig is a sort of ficus that has enormous, paddle-like leaves. Its dramatic foliage lean towards indirect, filtered light so it will do best an east or west facing window as the  south facing window could be too direct for it. Limit watering to once per week and don’t water if the soil is damp to the touch. If these finicky trees get an excess of water, the leaves may begin yellowing or become brown so consider less watering if you see these indications. Also, if the leaves look saggy, feel free to give your plant some water. Keep the moisture high around it. You can buy this plant or tree for empty corners of your house.

Monstera deliciosa plant

Monstera deliciosa, commonly known as the cheese plant, is a famous plant for the courageous indoor gardener. Albeit a few sources guarantee this tropical plant is not difficult to maintain, the fact is, a lot of effort goes in order to keep it happy and thriving. The openings present in this plant’s leaves won’t form on the new leaves if the plant gets a lot of sun. The smart planters should investigate to track down the ideal spot in the house to develop this unstable plant. Here’s another unusual one: Experts suggest you wash the leaves of your monstera deliciosa plant every now and then, but since the leaves can irritate your skin, you are advised to wear gloves while doing the work.

These are some high maintenance plants that you can place indoors.

By Hemant Kumar

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