If you are working in a place where loads are transported, moved, or handled in any way, you are probably aware of specific safety measures that need to be taken before doing so. And it is no surprise that safety measures are mandatory by law, as there is a lot of road haulage every day across the world. Many of our motorways and streets are filled with trucks and other vehicles transporting heavy goods. If not loaded securely, these goods are potentially dangerous and can become a danger or an obstacle for any traffic participant. Therefore, it is important to consider load securing basics. This helps to secure your load, taking care of workers’ safety and the safety of other traffic participants.

 High-Quality Equipment for Load Security

Nowadays, it is a standard procedure in all work areas to take precautions against injuries. The safety of all workers must be ensured, and many factors are to be considered. These include securing loading equipment and using suitable tools and clothes, but also stretches to aspects like hygiene. Some equipment may need to be kept from certain substances or must be extra reliable because of its crucial function. This is the case in any environment where dangerous substances such as chemicals are handled, including traffic and transportation.

Safety matters!

We all know how to secure ourselves in a car. However, certain security measures that are considered crucial today, were not used in former times. For example, seatbelts were not mandatory before 1968 – can you imagine? It took many car accidents to figure out that seatbelts are useful and crucial security measures.

The consideration of safety goes a long way. Safety matters. Whether you are concerned about the safe transportation of your goods, or someone in your or a different vehicle: Taking all the necessary security measures makes a great difference for everyone!

Since nowadays all of us are familiar with seatbelts, we thankfully know how to secure ourselves. But how about securing the load and goods we transport?

Load Securing

It is essential to secure the goods and load you transport. This may sound basic, but it is very important. Every day, there are still many accidents on the road because of how a lack of load securing. There are more than a thousand of them, every year. Those can be avoided by taking basic measures for load security. In many cases, only a few simple steps make your goods, vehicle, and yourself safer.

Pickhan: If, for instance, by using an anti-slip mat, you can prevent the load from damaging other cargo and the truck cabin when the vehicle accelerates or breaks. The best thing about an anti-slip mat is that it can be fitted into your vehicle, by choosing the correct size, and can avoid a potential hazard.

Heavy breaking is an action that happens involuntarily and often without a warning. We have all have experienced it. It is not pleasant. And it is even more unpleasant when your load is not secured. Your anti-slip mat, however, will protect your cargo, without you having to think about it. And that is what we all want, right? To drive without having to think about the goods in the back all the time and anxiously keeping our foot over the brake pedal in case we might have to press it. We want to drive safely, focussing on the traffic ahead.

Why Safety and Quality of Goods Matter

Obviously, everyone who works under or with you needs to be safe in their working environment. You need to be safe, as well. Therefore, specific measures need to be taken, and you must consider which products you acquire for your working equipment. The better the tools you use for your safety measures are, the better your load is secured. This may sound simple, but the point is that not everyone thinks about using a product to prevent a traffic accident.

Even though most people make sure they have a fire extinguisher in their homes and an airbag in their cars, load securing is an often overlooked aspect.
However, using protective tools for your load and making sure it’s secured, are crucial steps toward safe driving. A single anti-slip mat can save hundreds, if not thousands of products.

Load Securing: Our Conclusion

We live in an increasingly efficient, globalized, and productive world. Therefore, we need to work fast and efficiently. This may cause less focus on quality and safety. The mounting pressure can lead to accidents and make things at work hasty and hazardous. In this way, the employee’s productivity is in danger, as well. But we also live in a world that becomes more and more conscious about the safety of workers. This consideration may be important to get out of the vicious circle of pressure and accidents. If your equipment is of high quality and prevents accidents, it lowers the cost of damages from calamities. Therefore, we think that everyone using the necessary equipment is safer, more comfortable, and, thus, more productive.

By Hemant Kumar

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