There are various ways to borrow money. If you have a car you want, most users will borrow money and buy it in installments. But did you know that there are many types of borrowing money? Many people who use auto loans use online services.This is very convenient because it can be processed in parallel with the purchase contract. The examination is not so strict and you can borrow money relatively quickly.

The procedure is also very easy.  Credits are directly linked to the car sales contract, and the contracted credit company pays the vehicle price to the borrow money  dealer, whereas the loan is not directly related to the sales contract, and the user receives a loan from a financial institution and takes it himself.

It is to pay the dealer at the big merit is that you can own the name of the car at the time of purchase. In the case of credit, the name of the car is often changed to a credit company until the payment is completed, and the procedure for selling or replacing the car during payment becomes troublesome.

And the biggest point is the difference in interest rates. Until now, credit has been the mainstream, but recently, the number of users who use loans is increasing due to low interest rates. 

Is there a way to find out if a car loan is available? 

Thorough explanation of confirmation method and examination conditions.

How to find out if a car loan goes through?

Is it possible to check in advance whether it will pass the car loan examination?

What are the conditions for passing a car loan examination?

How about the car leasing examination?

When you want to buy a car on a loan, the first thing to worry about is the examination. Many people may want to make sure that they pass the examination before applying.

Here, we will introduce two methods that can be used as a guide for judging the examination results and the conditions for clearing the examination.

There are various types of car loans, online loans, bank loans, dealer loans from credit companies, and in-house loans from dealers, and each has different screening criteria. Also, even under the same conditions, the examination results may change depending on the relationship between the dealer and the credit company, so there is no absolute standard.

When taking a cash loan, it’s important that you borrow only from legitimate sources like Cash Loan Singapore.

Therefore, there is no way to check in advance whether or not to pass the car loan examination with 100% accuracy.However, it is possible to check the standard of possibility of passing the examination as follows.

Use preliminary examination of financial institutions.

In the car loan examination, information such as past personal bankruptcy history and delinquency history is inquired to “personal credit information agencies” such as CIC and JICC, and the results are reflected in the examination. Therefore, if these institutions have recorded past financial accidents, it is unlikely that they will pass the car loan review. The period for which credit information records are retained depends on the organization and content. If you are worried about what your credit information is currently, we recommend that you make a disclosure request.

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