The humble t-shirt is one of the most loved garments in the world. It would not be easy to find an American wardrobe without at least one t-shirt. T-shirts can be found in various colors, from plain solid colors to those with logos and graphics. Even if you don’t wear them every day, there are likely to be a few.

A young man is wearing a blank green t-shirt. The t-shirt is relatively new to the collective wardrobe. Although it has been around since the late 1800s in some form, the t-shirt is still a popular outerwear option that was originally meant to be worn as underwear.

The modern-day T-shirt was born from body coverings worn as undergarments during the 19th Century. While still often worn as an undergarment–especially under dress shirts–the t-shirt came into its own in the middle of the 20th Century.T-shirts with a collar pocket for men was added to the humble t-shirt, elevating it to wardrobe-must-have status.

Let’s look closer at the history of the shirt pocket and how it came to be. To create more comfortable and cooler undershirts, manufacturers of undergarments began to experiment with different fabrics and styles. In the late 19th Century, both button-equipped and unbuttoned undershirts were on the market. They more closely resembled today’s t-shirt. They were made of cotton or wool and had stretchy necks so you could pull the collar over your head.

Since more than 500 years ago, pockets have been part of clothing. However, the addition of pockets to a t-shirt is a recent development. Because of the declining popularity of the waistcoat in the 1950s and 1960s, chest pockets became more common on t-shirts. The chest pocket was a handy place to keep small items such as pens and cigarettes.

The best high neck T-shirts

Sometimes men feel limited in their fashion options. Although we agree that there are fewer options for men than they have for women, there are many ways to experiment with fashion for men. One way to trick your brain is to invest in alternative necklines.

You can reinvent your fashion without spending too much time choosing a round or v-neck tee shirt.

High-neck t-shirts are a blessing in this situation. These t-shirts are revolutionizing men’s fashion and don’t usually cost much. These are the top high neck t-shirts that men should consider.

This affordable HRX variant features a high neck, zip closure, long sleeves and solid teal color. Pair it with track pants or shorts for the ultimate gym outfit for a more casual look. Or with simple washed jeans for a casual yet sophisticated look. The color and high neckline will make you look more charming and appealing in every way possible.

Tinted solid black high neck slim fit tee shirts are a great choice, especially when paired with cargo pants. The solid black color provides a firm base for walking on, and the high neck gives you the right amount of style. Add a pair of casual sneakers to complete your look, and you’ll feel great.

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