It’s not easy to be a work-from-home mom. You’ve got all the responsibilities of looking after a little one, plus everything that comes with your demanding career to worry about. Juggling those two stresses can be incredibly difficult without worrying about money, so when financial difficulties enter the mix, then things can start to feel insurmountable. Luckily, that’s almost never the case. Here are some of our best tips and tricks to help you manage your career and being a mom from home!

Don’t be afraid to look into loans

If things start to get too much, or if your personal circumstances change, then a loan could be the best way out of a short-term dire situation. You shouldn’t use loans to lift you out of long-term money worries – after all, you’ll struggle to make repayments on top of whatever’s going on right now – but to tide you over before payday, they can be a godsend. Don’t have a favourable credit rating? No worries. Many companies offer bad credit loans you can apply for so you won’t miss out on much-needed money.

Pick up a side hustle

First off, let’s get one thing straight: if you don’t feel up to working a second job, that’s completely fine. Oftentimes, modern culture can make you feel like you’re not good enough if you’re not juggling three jobs and raising kids, but that’s simply not the case. However, if you can grab another job and make it work alongside your first one, then you could stand to earn some serious cash, which could help you in your day-to-day expenditures when it comes to parenting.

Sell old stuff

Once your baby outgrows some of their clothing or toys – provided they haven’t been destroyed by the ravages of time or play – it might be a good idea to sell stuff you aren’t using. Some moms can’t part with these things because they represent significant memories. That’s understandable, but if you can, selling things can provide a decent chunk of income. Obviously, you should only sell things your kids aren’t currently using, but if they’ve grown tired of certain toys or games, then sell them on!

Appeal to friends and family

Alright, so this one isn’t so much a tip as it is something you might not be doing out of pride or reluctance, but we still think it’s important. If your friends and family love you – and if they’re in a financial position to help – then they’ll probably be glad to give you some assistance when it comes to paying your way. They should know how difficult things are for you, and hey – if you were in the same situation, you’d help them, so you should expect the same (if they can, of course)!

Become a blogger

One of the side hustles you could pick up as a mom is to become a blogger. While it’s definitely true that parenting blogs are ten a penny on the internet, you might just have the unique perspective necessary to bring something fresh and new to the blogging space. Are your kids in a special situation of some sort? Do you live somewhere in which there aren’t many established bloggers? Could you help other parents in a similar situation to you? There’s always something you could add to the conversation!

Try personal training

Personal training can be a very lucrative avenue for income if you’re skilled and have the correct qualifications. Not everyone can become a personal trainer; it requires commitment, so if you don’t have the time to spare, this might not be a good option for you. However, if you prize fitness and would like to help others achieve their goals too, then personal training can be a good way not only to make a little extra money, but also to work out into the bargain!

Avoid multi-level marketing schemes

No matter how enticing a multi-level marketing scheme might look, the vast majority of them are pyramid schemes with no real profit incentive or way to make money. A pyramid scheme isn’t a real business; it requires constant recruitment for there to be any return at all, and the vast, vast majority of these schemes would simply fall apart if participants stopped bringing in new recruits. If someone approaches you and asks you to “tell X number of people” about their business idea, walk away – it’s a scam.

Rent out your rooms

If you’re lucky enough to live in a sizable home and you have plenty of room for lodgers, then you could consider joining a program like AirBnB, which allows you to rent out your rooms in exchange for money. This is an option to take if you feel that you are safe and secure in your home; there’s very little danger that something could go wrong, but you’re still allowing strangers into your home, so don’t take this avenue if you don’t feel that you could cope if something went awry.

Try tutoring

Have you got a skill that you could impart to others? Tutoring can be a great way to make money in addition to your regular job, and it can help to introduce you to new people if you’re feeling lonely (as many parents do). English tutors are in high demand, as many students want to learn the language in order to help them study in the UK. No matter what your skills are, you’re bound to find someone who wants to learn, so make sure to look into this if teaching sounds appealing. 

By Hemant Kumar

I am a zealous writer who loves learning, redesigning the information, and sharing the original content in an innovative and embellish manner. I hope you will find my work beneficial and entertaining. Happy Reading!