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In this awesome web journal, I am going to show you how to enable the office 2016 activator. So I won’t support piracy I am just sharing this method so you guys can activate your office during an emergency project or any interview. Therefore, I would like to help out my followers. The present license status requires activation and all the office features are limited for all these products. Even if it’s a trial of seven days, after that everything would be greyed out. I am going to articulate a method by which you can permanently unlock the office 2016 activator and save few bucks.

How Office Fix act as an office 2016 activator?

The first thing you people need to do is search office fix on the google search bar and go through the office fix website. When you open this site it shows the office fix so you should download it and it won’t take too much time to download as it’s just a 33 megabytes file and after the downloading process is completed you should go to the download directory and in most of the computers it is on the desktop. Before you activate this you just need one more confirmation and that’s you need to turn off your antivirus. It is a very important step to remember in the configuration of the office 2016 activator. It might be windows defender Avast Avira antivirus just because this would inject the license or the product key into your office. It’s going to be activated for a lifetime and it will be blocked by your windows defender. It’s not malware, don’t get scared, it’s just a false positive alert.

Furthermore, you have to go to the manager settings option and the settings would be even present in windows 8.1 and windows 10. You can just off these for a temporary basis and now you can extract this and after completing the unzipping you have to just open up a couple of folders and you will see an icon like Dragonite and you have to run it administrator and yeah you’re going to get a  new interface. The first thing is you can select an act portable and for this method, you need an active internet connection. Then click on office activation to activate my office. It’s going to run a couple of instruction’s for your convenience in just a few seconds so it’s going to add the product key directly from the server you can activate any Microsoft office with this and if this product activation works you can easily activate your office 2016 by following these instructions.

How to activate office 2016 without any serial key?

This way can also act as an office 2016 activator and the interesting thing about this method is that you don’t need any serial key for the activation. All you need to do is to follow these simple steps

  • In the first step you must copy this code in order to proceed further.
  • After copying the entire text, you have to open the text document file in your system and paste the whole copied text in that opened file.
  • Now save the file in your system by clicking on the save as option and you should rename the file by a specific name i.e. “1click.cmd”
  • One important thing to consider here if you are using windows 10 variant than this renaming text will be “1click.bat”
  • After saving the file on desktop, right click on the concerned file and go with the option of “run as administrator”
  • After completing the whole procedure you can check the activation through command prompt

Final words

In this short course, I can elaborate only on these two methods for office 2016 activator but more learning, you can check it out this link. Your remarks and messages will be a source of learning for us.

By Hemant Kumar

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