The beauty world has been evolving. If you look at nails and nail colours, the chives are many, from standard to neon. Indeed, haircuts, hair colours, and eye make-up has evolved too, but the way we do our nails have undergone a sea of changes.

We love the process of choosing from the range of nail polish available online and at stores. So you can shortlist the nail paint colours that are popular, so you know what is in vogue. Indeed nudes are in. But more colours are trending too. Plus the standard red, golden, silver and white. You cannot stop after buying just one.

The Pastel story

Pastel is something that goes with every outfit & every occasion. Be it a casual outing, a date night, a meeting at the office, or maybe you’re staying at home and chilling with your friends. Pastel complements all your outfits and goes with traditional and contemporary fashion.

Pastel Shades We Love

The Blue: From baby blue to bluish-grey or just pastel blue are ruling all over this season. These colours give you the mild, soft and relaxed look with a very chic definition.

The Pink: Same as blue, baby pink and pastel pink has been a craze for the current generation. It goes best with casual and soft outfits. If you’re going for an afternoon picnic or a Sunday brunch, then this can be your best choice.

The Grey: The elegant, chic pastel grey never disappoints. If you’re going for a meeting or a cocktail and opting for a stylish look, go for a pastel grey nail paint.

The Earth Tones

Mother of Earth, a deep rich brown with a reddish undertone, complements every skin tone. Brown nail polish hadn’t been getting the love it deserved until winter 2020. It has grown even larger following this year, making its way to a top fall 2021 colour. Chocolate brown, tan, beige, brown will look fabulous, feel warm, and work on various skin tones. Earth colours give you the warm look for cosy fall and winters. It goes with every skin tone and every outfit.

Deep & Milky Nudes

The deep nude trend carries on. Nudes have an elegant, clean look, and selecting a slightly deeper tone is a significant trend we are observing. In addition, nail arts on nude nail paints look beautiful.

And if you’re not going for the deep ones, then you still have the milky nudes that will feel like barely there. Thin nails, or no polish at all, is trending big. Brighten up your natural fingertips with a milky white gloss topcoat. It is minimalism at its finest.

Green with Envy

We see greens become super popular in every shade you can think of, from olive and sage to chartreuse and seaweed — even layered together. Metallic emerald, especially the matted, is a rage. Whether you like a lighter shade or a dreamy, deep emerald green, you can’t go wrong with this colour. It’ll be a statement for your OOTD: the deeper the colour, the more casual and playful is the vibe.

The Fluorescent

If you want to be playful with your look, then fluorescent is the right stop for you. The bright, radiant colours are everything you need to make your look different and colourful. Let it be a night party, an outing with friends or a trip to the amusement parks; these fluorescence colours has got your back. It gives you a cool, funky look but yet very settle and gorgeous. You can go for any fluorescent dye like pink, yellow, orange etc. Play with colours and give the bright vibe.

The Yellows & Shimmer

A very unexpected colour (but certainly one to keep on your radar), women traditionally wore bright yellow hues in the summer. The colour capitalises on the vibrant, cheerful vibe it brings.

Talking about the shimmers, they’re never out of style. During this pandemic, shimmer shades have given life to the up & down moods of many.

Let’s Mix & Match

When you can’t decide which nail polish shade to rock, or you simply prefer a rainbow assortment at that moment, sport a different colour on each nail. You can play with varying shades of blue or red or can bring on the green envy on your nails. You can also mix & match all the earth tones or the deep & milky nudes. Pastels are great for your definition. For a classic statement look, go for earth colours.

This statement nail paint is suitable for every occasion. You can also mix some shimmer shades with nudes or earth tones for the chic look, or you can choose the colours according to your choices and rock your OOTD.

You must feel you are beautiful and not neglect any body part; Adorn your nails. Then, go to a cosmetic store you trust, fill your bags with these fabulous shades, and feel gorgeous every day.  

By Hemant Kumar

I am a zealous writer who loves learning, redesigning the information, and sharing the original content in an innovative and embellish manner. I hope you will find my work beneficial and entertaining. Happy Reading!