Advertising Integration

Advertising Integrations simply means creating a link between your overall marketing efforts and driving potential customers to your Web site. In addition, technology can be put in place to monitor and measure the origins of your web visitors.

Landing Pages – A landing page can be added to your Web site. This unique “page “welcomes” your target audience with a message that is customized for that particular group.

Let’s consider the following example:
Your Web site name is and You advertise in a magazine called “Red Hot Realty”

Problem: You have no idea as to the number of people who come to your Web site as a result of seeing your ad in the magazine.

Solution:  You create a special landing page on your Web site called This page features a special greeting for visitors who saw your ad in the magazine. Also, using tracking software, you can measure the number of visitors to the landing page. This helps you determine the effectiveness of the advertisement and quickly respond with increased actions or new messages.

Additionally, you can encourage and offer incentives for the visitor to go to the Web site. The incentive can be a white paper or an additional discount. This redirection to your Web site allows you to strengthen the offline ad by at least an order of magnitude.

You can create landing pages for just about any method of “offline” marketing that you utilize. Thus, integration with traditional media such as magazines, flyers, and business cards takes the brief interaction with the advertisement and drives the viewer to your fully enriched Web site. Here, visitors are likely to spend more time and have a full library of information about your company. The bottom line: You have converted a single static impression into a rich interactive experience, were visitors are one step closer to doing business with you.

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