If you need to change your gaming PC these days and would like some advice on which PC to buy, don’t hesitate. PC Power Up site will explain everything you need to know to avoid making mistakes in your choice and we offer you a roundup of excellent gaming computers belonging to various price ranges, both fixed and portable. There is really something for everyone, even your bet, so let’s ban the chatter and see which computer could do the most for you.

Video Card or GPU:-

The video card (on fixed) and, more usually, the GPU (the dedicated chip) typically signify the most essential components of a PC enthusiastic to gaming. They mainly carry out the calculations related to the graphic representation of the elements (both two-dimensional and three-dimensional) and must always be present on a PC, even if integrated in the same “package” of the processor.

The Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 is among the best solutions you can find currently, along with the latest AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT. Unfortunately in recent years the availability of video cards for desktop systems has been drastically reduced, so in many cases it is better to order the product in advance and wait for its arrival.

Memory (RAM):-

The memory section is very significant on a personal computer, and is alienated into 2 features: RAM, which is the temporary memory of a PC where the entire the data it fleetingly uses are entered; and storage memory, which is the long-term memory where all files, the OS, games and applications are located.

As for RAM, PC Power Up don’t recommend going below 8 GB on a gaming computer, while for storage, our site recommend keeping it on a solid state drive (SSD). There are numerous platforms, for example SATA III or the top performing NVMe on PCI Express slot and M.2 format. In combination with the SSD, you can however also purchase a mechanical hard drive for mass storage.

Memory Speed:-

Check the BIOS and be obvious that the CPU temperature is standard (no higher than 40-50ºC), that the hard disk is able to be seen and choose as the key boot option. In addition, check your RAM settings: the memory should be operating at its titular frequency. Or else, modify the setting using the suitable profiles.

Keyboard & Mouse:-

For a gaming device the keyboard is integrated, however on a desktop PC and an all in one it have to be brought discretely. The mouse, on the contrary, is requisite on all systems for gaming. As for keyboards, in recent years the trend of mechanical keyboards has returned, which make use of mechanical rather than membrane “switches” as is the case on cheaper models.

Constantly think about the incidence of the backlight, to play even in the dark. Gaming mice, on the other hand, are characterized, in addition to the RGB LED lights (as for keyboards), for a sensitivity and precision usually higher than traditional ones.

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