Founder & CEO, Veative Labs, with over 15 years of experience 

in leading global Edtech organizations, Ankur Aggarwal is an impassioned innovator

Ankur Aggarwal’s name is synonymous with innovation in the edtech sector. Passionate about solving real world problems through the application of technology, he carries an extraordinary zeal with a fervent resoluteness to evolve the tech landscape. His relentless quest to pursue innovation in the fields of enterprise and education has led him to establish numerous edtech companies, delivering solutions that are being applied in more than 25 countries around the globe. With more than 15 years’ experience across the US, the UK and India, innovation runs through Ankur’s veins, as does a tireless pursuit of creative excellence.  

Recognizing the need for aligning technology with classroom learning, Ankur has been on an ardent mission to make learning accessible to learners of all stripes. A firm believer in the usage of technology in enabling learning, Ankur Aggarwal founded Veative Labs Pvt Ltd in 2016, putting the ideals of augmenting human capacity into action. A revolutionary amalgamation of creativity and engineering, Veative’s path-breaking solutions have shown an incredible ability to educate, train, and solve real-world problems. As CEO of Veative, Ankur has put together a highly motivated team of visionaries and engineers who are working relentlessly towards augmenting human performance in education as well as enterprise, thus enabling individuals to work better, smarter and safer. With more than 1,000 apps and a 30,000+ AR/VR asset library, Veative’s solutions are being utilized to engage learners with abstract concepts, bridging the gap between knowledge and understanding, and providing better retention of information.

Ankur staunchly believes that technology has the potential to become the wings with which the educational world will fly further and higher. Under his pioneering leadership, Veative Labs has joined hands with UK’s Dev Clever, a market leader in career development to introduce LaunchMyCareer (LMC) – a transformational career success program that provides age-appropriate career exposure to children of various age groups. Positioned as the world’s first subscription-based platform, LaunchMyCareer promises a modern approach that enables educators, parents and guardians to supplement and monitor their ward’s progress, from any device. The expansive service evaluates learners’ skills, provides guidance to maximize their potential and prepares them for college and career readiness, while nudging them along the path toward becoming global citizens. In furtherance of Ankur’s goal to make technology enhanced education reachable to the maximum number of learners, LMC has partnered with NISA (National Independent Schools Alliance) schools to provide career guidance to more than 13.5 million children in 70,000 schools across India. 

As someone who thrives on challenges, Ankur Aggarwal has a passion for starting and growing companies to solve real-world problems. A graduate of Northumbria’s (UK) Electronic Design Program, he has gathered valuable global experience during his sojourns in the USA, the UK and India, and during extensive global travel. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for seeking out novel opportunities, he is on a constant mission to uncover technological solutions to the challenges faced in education and enterprise.

Genuine, determined and passionate about the application of innovation, Ankur strives to augment human capacity with immersive technology. In his own words, “I continue to be amazed at the possibilities that technology has brought forth to revolutionize the way the world functions. The scope of tech-enabled environments is limitless. I am persistently striving towards making the world a better place, where both technically and non-technically adept individuals can co-exist harmoniously.”

Ankur Aggarwal’s exceptional attitude and unconventional approach to innovation has made him a name to reckon with in the edtech sector, across the globe. His accomplishments can be attributed to his talent, drive, determination and a passion for excellence. 

By Hemant Kumar

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