In 2021, there are plenty of reasons to consider solar power for home energy needs. Solar power was America’s fastest-growing energy market last year, with millions of homes adding a solar power system to help meet their own energy needs. What’s more, choosing a solar power generator for home energy is also becoming increasingly popular.

As recent events in Texas have shown, having your own source of energy and being truly self-sufficient matters. That being said, there are disadvantages of solar energy, as well as advantages of solar energy that you should be aware of before you make the switch. Read on to find out the key solar energy pros and cons to know when choosing a backup generator. 

Solar Power Generator for Home Pros 

Free Energy

Probably the most compelling reason to invest in a home solar power system is that doing so allows you to take advantage of a free and unlimited energy source – the sun. This means that you are no longer at the mercy of greedy utility companies and potential supply shortages, allowing you to be self-sufficient. 

Clean Energy

If you care about your carbon footprint, you need your own solar power system. Solar energy is a genuinely carbon-free energy source that has the potential to prevent a future climate disaster. In addition, switching to solar can help you reduce pollution in your community and keep your family healthier.

Low Maintenance

Did you know that solar power generators do not have any moving parts? This means that they require virtually no maintenance at all throughout their lifespan. Compare this to a gas generator, which requires regular tightening, oiling, and cleaning just to stay functional. Solar generators require no effort from you. 

Solar Power Generator for Home Cons

Sub-Par Products

A major problem with solar generators is that there is a huge glut of poor-quality products on the market right now. The majority of generators are slow, loud, and take days to charge. That’s why it takes genuine know-how to find the right solar generator for the job. This review of a Patriot Power Solar Generator explains exactly what a bad generator looks like and how to find the right one for you. 

High Upfront Costs

People often forget to mention that the upfront costs of a solar generator can be surprisingly high, especially if you want a high-quality machine that will last for years. Solar generators easily cost $2000 apiece, more than twice the price of a standard gas generator. However, the running costs are much lower for a solar generator, meaning greater long-term savings for you. 

Limited Energy Capacity

There is no getting around the fact that solar generators have a limited energy capacity. You cannot usually power your entire home with a standard solar generator. What’s more, the generator is limited by how much solar energy it has stored. Once this runs out, it could take hours for it to recharge again. You simply do not get this problem with a gas generator. 

More Tips for Sustainable Living 

Understanding the pros and cons of getting a solar generator for home living can help you choose a more sustainable future. For more insider tips on better living, we have got you covered. Make sure to consult our expert Lifestyle guides today to learn more. 

By Hemant Kumar

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