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Tactical flashlights in the modern world are used not only in conjunction with firearms to illuminate the target, but also to perform technical work of an industrial and domestic nature. There are manual models, as well as those installed on weapons. The Olight US, a technology driven lighting company has selected for you the best tactical flashlights. They are equipped with modern LEDs that are able to work for a long time and give a bright long-range beam and green laser which is clearly visible in both day and night. Here you can choose and buy a rechargeable LED tactical flashlight of the most suitable modification, type, size and other parameters, depending on the purpose of its use.

 Performance of tactical flashlight

As a whole a tactical flash light should have high brightness, long range, and good waterproof quality. One of the current trends in flash light industry to measure brightness is to compare lumen value. No manufacturer will put the highest lumen products in the tactical industry. Why? Because one of the requirements of tactical industry is flexibility. At present, 4000 lumens of flash light can be used in the field of flashlights, most of which are four LED. In addition, each LED must have an independent light cup, it is impossible to be small and flexible. 

 As for the range, it is basically determined by the light intensity of the LED, the shape of the LED gel, the depth and the pattern of the LED cup. Take my favorite Olight US product as an example.

For appearance, the tactical flashlight has certain requirements. It can be used with tactical loops, attack heads, broken window cones, etc. and it can be used as fighting weapon.

In fact, in addition to these points, there are also sales channels, pricing, accessories and other factors that can be distinguished.


A high performance gamut will be required to emit a powerful and high brightness light. But it is important to consider that having different functions such as low brightness stealth mode, strobe and focus adjustments among others will be essential to consider.

Furthermore, the size must be small to fit the gun mounts, rifles and laser scopes and must be of adequate weight to properly balance the weapon.

Since it is possible to use them during long working hours, the duration of the battery and its replacement or recharging will be an aspect to consider. There are devices with long-lasting batteries, others rechargeable by USB and in some cases in combined mode.

Without a doubt, durability is another important point. Most have their body protected with aircraft grade aluminum and high impact resistance. They have a steel bezel for added strength, but which is also useful as a defense mechanism.


Another use for this equipment is in the sporting field for hunting. Whether it’s for target hunting, to stun you, or just reading maps and finding routes, a tactical flashlight is a must-have in a hunting kit. Most of these kits are gun mountable and feature remote switches for high maneuverability. There are also some that have red, blue, green or white light filters that can be useful during the night shift.

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