When it comes to buying your dream house or just a new property, there is always some sense of doubt that lingers. From finding the best property, inspecting the features and negotiating the price, buying a property can be pretty exhausting and tricky! Especially if this is your first take with investments and buys, getting trapped in faulty investments is possible. In Sydney, there were more than 1,10,000 private properties and dwellings in 2019, and the figure might touch 1,17,00 in 2041. On that note, hiring a buyers agent in Sydney is the best way to advocate yourself during a sale. 

Things to remember while hiring a buyers agent

Though working with a buyers agent can pool up various perks for the buyer, finding the right agent is what matters. The right buyer needs to understand the consumer’s needs, advocator in their favour and represent a buyer during markings and documentation. On the bottom line, a buyers agent must protect their client from faulty or pricey deals, preserving their rights. For identifying if an agent abides by such expectations, here is a list of questions to ask them before a hire,

1. How broad is your market expertise?

To begin with, you need to have a clear picture of how experienced the agent is. On that note, you must never overlook asking the agent about the years of experience in the real estate field. Experienced agents have a better understanding of price fluctuations. With that, appropriate exposure to market trends and whether they manage to make the best deals. Talking about their past clients and significant experiences can help you narrow down the choices! During such discussions, you will also realise how broad their works are and can quickly identify if they’ll be able to match into your investment idea. 

2. Do you have a license?

Asking for a buyers agent licence is mandatory to keep you away from fraudsters and scams. An agent certification is a basic requirement a buyers agent in Sydney must hold, making them recognised and genuine agents. With stringent Australian laws, agents with a license are the best to opt for to keep yourselves away from legal troubles. Do not settle for agents who only own an operating number but not an agents license. Agents without a certification are merely those who are just practising or fretting about paying for their training completion. If your agent possesses a credential, further enquire what type of certification it is. Some certifications are exclusively for agents, while the other type allows agents to sell properties themselves. 

3. How many buyers are you working with currently?

Asking about their current works may seem irrelevant but can help you filter down choices. In a densely populated city like Sydney, most agents may multi-task. Agents working simultaneously with too many clients need to be highly experienced and efficient enough to manage multiple sales. On the flip side, agents who have only one client at a time indicates that they have poor exposure and are still inexperienced. So, it is always better to choose agents in the mid-range- those efficient enough to handle a couple or more clients at a given time. 

4. Why choose you among many others?

Lastly, you must ask the agent to comment on why they would be the best fit for you. It allows a broader range of conversations to occur, giving you exposure to the agent’s ideas and views on what they can do best for the client. In such cases, the agents respond on how different they are from their competitors. You get to know their exclusive services and comprehend their negotiation style. By extending such discussions, you can assess their knowledge. On the bottom line, ensure to pick agents with whom you do not feel intimidating to start a conversation. The best buyers agents educate you, explain technical jargon in simplistic terms and only works for your benefit. 

By Hemant Kumar

I am a zealous writer who loves learning, redesigning the information, and sharing the original content in an innovative and embellish manner. I hope you will find my work beneficial and entertaining. Happy Reading!