Real Estate Signs

For the realtors and individual real estate owners, when they think of adding value to a property with an objective of resale, it is important to consider real estate signs for various purposes. Sometimes, it may specify various plots inside the property or highlight the features of a property for sales. Whatever your purpose is, it is important to develop the most noticeable and informative signs to add value to your real estate property.

For the newbies and those confused about real estate sign making, here we will discuss a few tips that will help you do this task more effectively and in a result-oriented way. There are many avenues available for real estate signage, which you need to choose carefully by keeping your needs in mind.

Size of real estate signs

There is no standard rule of thumb to follow while making real estate signs. The primary consideration is to make it easily visible and readable to the onlookers. Let us take the example of a simple real estate for sale board. This contains only the text ‘property for sale or ‘for sale’ as text and the contact number to call or text. This may seem simple and easy to make, but still, there are certain things to consider when you design the same.

Easy visibility is the primary consideration as your ‘for sale’ signage should be instantly viewable from across the street and to the motorists who pass by the property. So, you need to consider all the viewing angles and possibilities while deciding the size and location of placement of real estate signs. The size can be kept smaller for shorter viewing distances, and sometimes bigger signs may be required as the viewing distance goes higher.

Designing real estate signs

People come across many signages daily, so to make your real estate sign noticeable, one should make it a little special. For this, you may take the assistance of a professional designer rather than doing it as a DIY project. Making the design, usage of text font and size, graphics and images, etc., are the major consideration to keep in mind while designing real estate signs.

Placement of real estate signs 

However good your design is, all your efforts may go in vain if you fail to place your sign appropriately at your property. When it comes to placing signage, there are different ways to adopt it. You need first to decide whether it is permanent signage or a temporary one, as a property for sale message. Different fixation methods have to be considered for permanent and temporary placements of signs. Next, you need to consider the viewing angle and distance for the proper sight of the signage.

If you are a realtor or own a real-estate business, it is ideal for taking the assistance of an expert sign maker to produce real estate signs for you in bulk by understanding your requirements and business goals.

By Hemant Kumar

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