Choosing the right HR technology tool for an organization is challenging. To enhance your HR efficiency and employee experience, digital transformation services such as Workday and ServiceNow commit to reduce the administrative burden on resources and time and thereby improve employee engagement and satisfaction. Both these services consider different aspects of employee experience and HR function. There are few things you must know about the functionality of these services.

ServiceNow is a cloud-based platform that allows organizations to enhance operational efficiency by automating and streamlining day-to-day tasks. Originally ServiceNow was designed for IT Service Management. ServiceNow has evolved as a business service management platform for organizations, integrating all the business functions like human resources, marketing, finance, and field operations. ServiceNow is a single platform through which an employee can submit queries, update the information, access common forms, and leave requests. Employee queries can be tracked and responded efficiently by the ServiceNow HR department. This self-service portal enables the employees to search the solutions to the frequently asked queries and fastly access the forms and get the information they need. Attending ServiceNow Training helps you build great career growth as most IT companies rely on it for effective business operations.

Workday is a cloud-based tool that directly focuses on Human resources integrating the functions like payroll management, talent management, data analysis, recruitment, time and attendance, and more. The human capital management solution of Workday manages the information of the employees and critical data of the organization at the same place. Workday uses data to create advanced measures that can drive HR services to better informed strategic decision-making. Workday HCM deployed by the leading companies created a number of job opportunities in Workday. To enhance your career with Workday, you can try Workday Training.

Though ServiceNow and Workday are part of the Digital Transformation solutions label, each of them addresses a different set of needs. Workday operates more as a service center for all HR data. On the other hand, ServiceNow provides employees a way to connect with other services like HR instantly and provides a similar consumer experience that allows them to access the information they need and submit queries to an HR officer quickly and smoothly. Both ServiceNow and Workday complement each other and can be integrated easily for a broader HR technology solution. ServiceNow was successfully integrated with Workday to reduce its onboarding problems. Once the data of new hires is collected, Workday sends it to ServiceNow; ServiceNow goes to work automatically to set up the new accounts for the employees and inform various departments about what the new hires must do to get started. Once employee information is entered, and integration is activated on the instance, the data is pulled periodically by ServiceNow via SOAP web services. The information entered is then stored in the Worker object, which contains information of employees like user name, first name, last name, email id, location, job profiles, and department. ServiceNow shows the Workday integration transform maps where you will be able to view that information. In addition, the ServiceNow integration automatically updates records for future events, which includes employee promotions or transfers, onboarding, and offboarding. Updates made to any particular field in the HR profile can be synchronized through integration. This will save time and maintain the employee status updated.

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