The era of enclosing and shipping goods in the simple, unmarked, brown box is over.

Whether merchandisers or manufacturers choose to believe it or not, the truth is, first impressions count. And no matter whatever it is you do, you won’t get another chance to make the first impression. 

Custom gift boxes with logo provide you a terrific opportunity to impress your target customers without blowing your budget. Most importantly, these containers help you make a profound impact on your audience that paves the way for increased revenue, word of mouth, social sharing, and brand loyalty. Still, it doesn’t express why so many companies choose to go with stock or plain boxes.  

Tailor-made packaging is much more than a printed rigid boxes wholesale supply or other materials of your product. It puts out a statement for your business. Provide a golden opportunity to establish a personal connection with your consumers. It gives a chance to impress and delight your audience while elucidating them about your brand’s vision, mission, and product benefits. 

Imagine it’s the first-time people have seen your product in the market. It’s like nothing they have ever seen before. You might be using a custom gift box with a logo, but somehow it makes the onlookers realize it’s much deeper than that. 

The custom packaging itself doesn’t feel rugged or rough. Instead, it feels elegant, refined, and soft. In brief, it has all the ingredients that tell you a top-tier product is awaiting you to open the box. Now that’s the kind of impression branded packaging can make, especially when they have all the winning elements to make unboxing the experience unforgettable. 

For this reason,

 we believe that packaging should be used as a platform to present your products to their new owners. Remember, you can never leave a good first impression if your customers open their purchase only to find out that it got damaged during transit due to inappropriate size or poor packaging material.

That’s why it is equally important to find the right packaging company to produce your custom gift boxes with logo. Of course, this can be tricky because not all companies show the flexibility to offer high-quality packages at a low cost. Especially when you are seeking to obtain free design support and minimum units. To help you with that, here we will look at The Legacy Printing, America’s leading supplier of custom-made packaging for both brick and mortar and online stores.  

Let’s dig in:

What Exactly is the Legacy Printing?

The Legacy Printing is a premium bespoke packaging company based in Anaheim, California, USA. The company provides businesses of all shapes and sizes a wide variety of custom packaging solutions, including custom gift boxes with logo. 

Unlike traditional industrial print houses, the packaging supplier would amicably hear you out even if you are ordering 500 units. Clearly, that’s not too much of an investment for an online startup like yours. Best of all, the company doesn’t direct you to printing facilities that never deliver consistent quality. Instead, it works as a one-stop-shop where all your packaging needs are met head-on, right from designing to manufacturing, printing, and shipping. 

The established firm has also simplified the complex parts of producing packaging that usually requires you to engage various specialists or companies, such as: 

Free design support with unlimited revisions to give you a packaging that truly reflects your branding and USPs. 

Use premium quality packaging materials in a variety of cost-effective methods. 

Produce vivid prints using commercial offset printing techniques. 

What Does the Packaging Firm Offer?    

The company offers an extensive range of packages that can be customized to your liking. Just pick a box style you need, enter quantity, size, and upload your text and artwork so that it can work its magic. Once the packages are made, they are shipped Free of cost to the customers no matter where they reside in the US. Being made in the United States not only keeps the delivery distances low but also diminishes the chances of extracting Coronavirus, unlike the ones procured from China.  

You can create various custom-made boxes you need by reaching out to them through the toll-free number (800 719 2780) or live chat integrated on their website. Working with the companies means you won’t just get total control of the design process, but manufacturing and printing as well without having to hire an additional expert or professional. 

The range of packaging products offered by the firm are as: 

Rigid boxes wholesale 

Mailer boxes 

Eyelash boxes 

Custom kraft boxes 

Bakery boxes 

Chinese take out boxes wholesale 

Custom printed display boxes 

Hang tab packaging

Custom two-piece boxes 

Candle box packaging 

Cookie packaging 

Custom sleeve boxes and more 


The minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 100 pieces, and there is no die and plates charge. The wide gamut of its products caters to the needs of three different camps: 


Small & Medium Businesses 


There is no fixed price plan. In fact, your prices get lower as you increase the number of units. That being said, even packages offered in small quantities aren’t too expensive.  

Drawbacks and Advantages 

The most obvious advantages are as: 

Market competitive prices 

Unlimited free quotes 

Super easy to order packages 

Fastest turnaround time

Over 90% happy clients 

Free delivery within the US 

Free samples or digital mockups 

Lowest minimum order quantity 

The key drawbacks are as: 

The company does not offer online box editor or design services. However, this is a blessing for most business owners and marketing managers who prefer to hire someone who can handle their packaging on their own and keep them posted as it progresses. 

The less your packaging units are, the more it will cost you. But sadly, that’s an industry-standard, so you can’t do much about it. 


If reducing carbon footprint and using sustainable packaging products is part of your company’s business strategy, the Anaheim-based company is your go-to partner. It offers a few packaging solutions that comply with such standards. 

There are several case study examples of leading brands that are using this company’s sustainable packaging options. Most products shipped flat can be easily recycled, whereas water-based inks conk out in the landfill. You can order several plastic substitutes that are made out of recyclable material. So, when you place your order with this printer, be sure to get something that was once a book, bank statement, cereal box, or another solution in the other life.

It’s pretty cool to think that your packaging was once used to be little Ally’s rhyme book. 

Customer Service & Client Reviews  

The custom packaging supplier offers great customer support. You can raise your concern or send your queries through the Live Chat service, and your answers are petty likely to appear in no time. The amicable support team has the experience and knowledge to provide a viable solution for all your problems. A high percentage of reviewers on Google also look pretty happy with their packaging, fast delivery, and prompt customer service. But we have seen a few client reviews where shoddy print quality was questioned. 


All in all, we think that the company helps brands improve their sales and positioning by delivering top-quality packaging products, such as custom gift boxes with logo. And it doesn’t cost a bomb, so it seems like win-win cooperation. 

By Hemant Kumar

I am a zealous writer who loves learning, redesigning the information, and sharing the original content in an innovative and embellish manner. I hope you will find my work beneficial and entertaining. Happy Reading!