At first, maybe you didn’t notice your hearing changing. More and more, though, you’ve realized that you are having trouble hearing. You keep mistaking what people are saying, and the volume ticks louder on your speaker too.

If this sounds like you, you may be living with hearing loss. Never fear, though: get your hearing tested to verify for sure.

Here are some signs you should go and get your hearing tested.

You Need People to Repeat Themselves

It may not just be asking someone to repeat themselves, but also to repeat themselves much more slowly than they spoke at first. If this request is more common, you may want to get your hearing checked.

No one’s hearing is perfect, and we all need to ask people to speak their piece again. However, if it is a pattern to ask people to repeat themselves, you may want to consider ear testing to check your hearing.

Not Able to Have Conversations in a Noisy Crowd

Sometimes people traverse a crowd with a friend or family member and talk to pass the time. If you find yourself having trouble keeping up a conversation in a noisy crowd, this could be a sign of hearing loss.

Even through the noise, people can usually make out what the people they’re talking with are saying. If you can’t discern your nearby friend’s voice for the surrounding din, it may be time to consult a hearing specialist.

You can visit a hearing clinic to make an appointment.

Noises With High Pitches Are Silent to You

Does your phone ring with a call or ding with a message, but you never hear it? In fact, are all high-pitched noises almost silent to you? This is a major sign of hearing loss.

Certain sound frequencies are more susceptible to disappearing first with hearing loss. High-pitched noises are the first to go if you are experiencing hearing loss.

Your Ears Are Ringing

Is there a constant ringing in your ears no matter how much you clean them out with a cotton swab? This is yet another sign of hearing loss. You should speak with a hearing specialist to get your hearing tested as soon as you notice this.

Certain Consonants Sound Different

Another early warning sign of hearing loss is not being able to tell the difference between certain consonants. “p” and “t” can sound too similar, and the same with “s” and “f.” In addition, you may have trouble with hearing “sh” or “ph” sounds too.

Get Your Hearing Tested Sooner Rather Than Later

Save yourself the trouble later on by getting your hearing tested now for potential hearing loss. If you are noticing any of the early warning signs above, it may be time to go to a hearing clinic.

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By Hemant Kumar

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