A beautiful scent can play a significant role in attracting a potential partner.

For men and women, our sense of smell is an important factor in our level of attraction. Many colognes for men include musk, as women are highly sensitive to the smell. For women, a sensual perfume can affect their behavior and confidence, increasing their level of attractiveness. 

You might be wondering how to use perfume to your advantage and how to stay smelling sexy all day. 

Keep reading to find out the dos and don’ts of perfume. 

Do: Spray Your Pulse Points

If you want to know where to spray your perfume, you can use your heartbeat as a guide. It is also known as spraying your pulse points. 

If you don’t know where your pulse points are, think about any point on your body where you can touch and feel your heartbeat. These spots on your body are warmer and help diffuse the scent of your perfume. Do a gentle or generous spritz on those areas and enjoy your scent all day. 

You also want to know how much perfume to use. Don’t overdo your perfume to the point that others are put off by the overwhelming smell.  

Don’t: Rub Your Wrists 

Knowing how to wear perfume meaning knowing not to rub your skin together. 

We’re all tempted to dab our wrists and then rub them together. This movement seems like second nature but if you want your scent to linger longer, you have to break this habit.

Rubbing your skin together causes the most prominent notes of your perfume to fade much faster. The top notes evaporate before they have a chance to settle on your skin. 

If the same perfume has ever smelled different to you on two different people, that’s no coincidence. Your perfume needs time to mix with your skin’s natural oils to give it a smell that is uniquely you. Avoiding rubbing your skin to allow this process to happen.  

Do: Pick the Right Notes 

Understanding the function of perfume notes will help you pick the right fragrance. Certain fragrances evoke calming effects in the body and help reduce stress. 

Lavender, lemon, and ocean breeze are all calming notes that are very pleasurable for the nose and the mind.  

Picking a calm and clean-smelling fragrance is easy with Clean Beauty. Their products give you an airy and pure scent all day. 

Don’t: Wear Scented Deodorant 

This is a common rule breaker. Two different scents, while very pleasant separately can have an adverse smell when they are mixed together. 

Using scented deodorant can distract from the smell of your perfume and take away from its original scent. 

Ensure that you are using unscented deodorant to let the scent of your perfume be the star of the show. 

How to Use Perfume for a Lasting “Scent”iment

Wearing perfume can make us feel posh and ladylike. It can also boost our level of attractiveness – if used properly. If you want to know how to use perfume, make sure that you pick calming notes, avoid scented deodorant, spray your pulse points, and avoid rubbing your skin. 

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By Hemant Kumar

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