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Are you wondering how to write a book report? It can be tedious but it is no rocket science. If your kids roll their eyes at the idea of writing a book review, then it is important to bring inspiration for them to ease it out. It is proven that children retain new concepts faster when the teaching methods intrigue them. Teachers can choose different options, but the major goal is to unleash students’ creativity. Allow them to be crafty and see amazing results.

If you wonder how to make a kid write a book report, you can choose a simple method. Based on a book that the child has recently finished reading, create a game. You can go for a quiz competition, board game and declare a prize for the winner. You can also organize a theme party where the students have to dress up as the characters from the book. It will enhance their learning procedure and help them learn more about the story’s characters. Another great way is to make the kids thoroughly read the book is by allowing them to review it. Allow their creative juices to flow and ask them how they found the store. The student that comes up with the best review will be awarded. It will keep the students motivated and foster good competition between them.

Book reports are fun

Teachers can further add diversity to their teaching methods by assigning small groups. Brainstorm ideas to get different perspectives. Talk about the fun past and think of ways to bring a twist to writing a book report. Making scrapbooks will enhance the learning experience and be aesthetically pleasing too. You can also summarize the whole story in a form that never bores you or dramatize a scene from it.

However, if you are want to concentrate on writing, here are some innovative ideas for it. You can either go for a traditional book report template or choose these amazing ideas given below:

Cereal box book report

The cereal box book reports are a favorite of students and teachers. You can ask them to use the top and sides of a cereal box and review a story. They can use one side to make images of the major characters and use the other side to write reviews. The box serves as a writing pad for the students to allow their creativity to flow. Get their reviews and see their creativity.

Paper bag book report

It is a simple and fun method. Distribute paper bags in the class and ask them to review the novel they have just read or write about the novel’s central characters. It will make an amazing classroom activity and the presentation will be highly engaging.

Book report lapbook

Lap books are fun and simple. It is an amazing way to showcase information in an appealing manner. All you need is some file folders and paper along with glue. Create an outline and write reviews.

These are some methods to help the kids focus on a story with great creativity involved.

By Hemant Kumar

I am a zealous writer who loves learning, redesigning the information, and sharing the original content in an innovative and embellish manner. I hope you will find my work beneficial and entertaining. Happy Reading!