One of the most valued file formats is the PDF. As a result, several web-based tools were designed to help you with your task involving PDF file modification. One of the online tools that you can trust is the GogoPDF. It can easily add a watermark, split, and compress a PDF file using these simple steps: 

How to Add a Watermark to A PDF File

Today, one cannot guarantee the entire ownership of a file once you post it online. You may face numerous problems along the way when sharing your PDF file on the internet. One of these problems is the other people might steal the content of your file. So, you have to prepare for the worst results. 

One way of eliminating this problem is by inserting a watermark into your PDF file. Once your file has already been watermarked, you can have full ownership of your file. A watermark is an affirmation that you are the file owner since you are inserting a text or an image that technically says that it is yours. 

Once you have already decided to place a watermark on your PDF file, the next thing is to look for a reliable tool that can ease your task. One of the best tools when it comes to placing a watermark is GogoPDF. With its Add Watermark to PDF Online Tool, you can easily insert a watermark to your PDF in just a few clicks! 

To start, you need to look for a file with content that you wish to protect and place it in GogoPDF’s tool. Once done, you can now start inserting your desired watermark into your file. There are several watermarks to choose from, and you can create your own if you like. You can grab a text or an image and arrange it the way you wanted it. 

After inserting the watermark, let GogoPDF do the rest of the task. GogoPDF’s system will start analyzing and processing your file. The time required for the process will take only a minute or less, depending on your internet connection. After that, you can start downloading your newly watermarked PDF file. Try it now. It is fast and easy! 

How to Split a PDF File

One of these days, a teacher of yours or your boss at work might ask you to eliminate a specific page from your newly submitted paper. You can try to redo everything. However, it will give you a harder time since time is precious at work. But, there is a way to prevent this kind of a mess. You can try to split your PDF file using GogoPDF online.

Using the Split PDF tool of GogoPDF, you can remove a specific page from your PDF file or make another chapter for that particular page. It is a straightforward tool that you can surely trust. With just a few clicks, you can have your file ready. The good side of using this tool is that you can save a lot of time since it will only take a few minutes to do the entire task! 

To start, you have to look for that file that needs to be split and place it in GogoPDF’s tool. After that, you can start splitting your PDF file. You can choose the page/s that you wish to split. Once done, GogoPDF will do the rest of the job. It will analyze and process your file and will be ready in just a minute or less. 

After the entire process, you can press the link of your file and start downloading your newly modified PDF file. Truly, GogoPDF has made this easy for you. With its sophisticated technology, this task has been very doable! 

How to Compress a PDF File

One of the best tools that GogoPDF can offer you is its Compress PDF tool. With this tool, you can easily compress your PDF file using the easiest possible method. Also, this tool can compress your file without affecting the quality of your file. 

To start, you need to choose a PDF file from your device that you wish to compress and place it using GogoPDF’s tool. After that, you can choose how you want to compress your PDF file. Once done, GogoPDF will start to analyze and compress your PDF file. The process for this one will take a minute or less. Once done, you can download your newly compressed PDF file. 


Adding a watermark, splitting a PDF file, and compressing a PDF file are just some of the tools that you can use on GogoPDF. If you are looking for GogoPDF’s other features, you can go check its website. Try it now!

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