The average worker gets around 121 emails per day. Multiply this over several weeks, or months, and you’re soon left with an overflowing inbox that’s hard to manage.

Keeping on top of email can be difficult, but if you’re not organized, it’s even worse. To make life easier, think about doing some spring cleaning of your inbox.

By going through everything and creating a more efficient way of storing emails, you’ll save yourself plenty of headaches in the future. To learn more, keep reading to find five top tips for managing your emails, helping you boost productivity.

1. Start With a Mass Delete

To organize an inbox, start with a mass delete. We get so many junk, spam, and unwanted emails, and these need to go, as they’re taking up valuable space in your email.

You can delete them all one by one, or try, an easy-to-use mass delete email tool.

Then, consider hitting unsubscribe on the emails you’re getting but no longer need or use.

2. Create Folders

Next, create a series of folders in your email account. You can use these to manage and file emails as they come in, which makes it much simpler to find what you’re looking for in the future.

There’s no right or wrong way to use folders, so create a system that works best for your needs.

3. Highlight Important Emails

Want to come back to an important email later on? To save time, consider highlighting it or giving it a star, if you’re a Gmail user.

If you have hundreds of emails sitting in your inbox, this is an easy way to visually see which ones require action first.

4. Turn Off Notifications

During a busy day, we know emails are coming in thick and fast. However, while you’re trying to manage emails, you don’t want to be distracted by constant notifications, demanding your attention.

So, while you’re focusing on your spring cleaning, temporarily turn off notifications so you can concentrate.

5. Don’t Forget to Empty the Trash

As you’re finishing up, don’t forget to delete the trash in your email account. This is because trash still takes up storage space, and you want to free this up so you have more space to work with.

However, before deleting, give the trash folder a quick review so you’re sure you’re not accidentally deleting something important.

Give Your Inbox Some Spring Cleaning With These Tips

If your email inbox could use some spring cleaning, use this guide to get started! The entire process shouldn’t take more than an hour or two.

It’s worth it, as you’ll feel so much more relieved and stress-free once your email becomes manageable again. This will allow you to become more productive at work, so get started today!

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By Hemant Kumar

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