If you’re considering a move to Texas, you’d be one of over 500,000 people.

In 2019, Texas saw between 537,000 and 582,000 new residents. Many of those individuals came from California or Florida—as you, too, might be. Not everybody stays, and by the end of the year, a whopping 100,000 new residents were still residing in the Lonestar state, calling it home.

Why? Because Texas living is something to experience. If you’re looking for the best place to live in Texas, consider these options.

Dallas-Fort Worth

Dallas-Fort Worth is a landing space for everybody.

Its bustling city life appeals to young millennial homebuyers while its quaint, quiet stretches provide a home to many retirees. In fact, DFW was named one of the 11 best cities to retire in the US. The accessibility to things like grocery stores, restaurants, and shopping is convenient, while the housing availability covers a wide range of options.


Prosper, Texas, is routinely cited as a wonderful place to live, with benefits for the entire family.

Schools have A ratings, crime and safety levels are low, and its beautiful suburban neighborhoods are one of the many reasons it’s cited as being a good place to raise a family. It’s particularly hailed for its fantastic education system, something anybody with kids will want to consider.

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San Antonio

San Antonio is a city that takes pride in its diversity of both residents and offerings. The city has a little bit of everything, from beautiful scenery and delicious cuisine to over 30 higher education institutions and plenty of cozy towns within.

If you’re somebody who loves to attend local events and be a part of their community, you’ll find a home within San Antonio. No matter the day of the week, this city (the US’ seventh-largest) has something to offer. From visiting the latest exhibits at the San Antonio Museum of Art to watching concerts under the stars at the Botanical Garden, you’ll never get bored. 


Maybe what drove you to Texas living was the appeal of Austin, Texas, which recently got named the #1 place to live in America for the third year running!

Why? What’s so great about Austin? It turns out, many things.

For one, it’s surprisingly affordable. In addition to being able to afford rent, finding a job is within reach thanks to their fantastic job prospects (Austin was even nicknamed “Silicon Hills” for its plethora of tech start-ups). Quality of life is another reason many are flocking here, as a thriving job market mixed with an appealing culture makes it a perfect place to settle down—or just have some fun.

Where’s the Best Place to Live in Texas? 

As you can see, there is no lack of options. This list only begins to scratch the surface. As you know, Texas is a big state!

So, whether you want to settle down and start a family or open that business you’ve always dreamed about (or simply enjoy a bustling downtown scene), there’s a place for you in the Lonestar state. The hardest part of moving here will be deciding the best place to live in Texas—because there are just so many.

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