yellow Teeth

love to go for a teeth whitening in Kingsport?

Well, you should. Nothing is too much to do for a set of white teeth. And talking about white teeth, have you ever wondered why the color of some people’s teeth changed from that beautiful white to a yellowish color?

The truth is…

Even though the teeth appear to be like a solid rock, it is something like an absorbent sponge. So it absorbs the color of everything that comes in contact with it.

So what are the causes of yellow teeth?

What Are The Causes Of Yellow Teeth?


If you have been looking for reasons to stop smoking, well this is one. The nicotine in tobacco leaves brown stains on the teeth which result in teeth discoloration. This is in addition to its severe addiction problem.

Poor oral hygiene

According to many experts in the dentistry profession, it is highly recommended for everyone to brush at least twice a day for a cumulative 4 minutes. You should also ensure you floss your teeth after each meal.

Do not rush to brush your teeth after consuming any acidic meal, it may easily corrode the surface of your teeth, leading to cavities and all.


Fluoride is great for your teeth, they contribute to teeth whitening but it must be in moderation, otherwise, you risk fluorosis, a condition where brown or yellow stains form on your teeth due to excessive use of fluoride.

Broken tooth enamel

Where your tooth is broken or cracked, it is easy for that part to discolor easily, perhaps due to difficulty in reaching the cracked surface when brushing your teeth.


An internal injury to the teeth may cause it to discolor.

Tooth grinding

Tooth grinding otherwise called Bruxism is a condition where people involuntarily grind their teeth, especially in their sleep. This stresses the teeth and may cause the teeth to become yellow or brown.

Other causes include

● Chronic dry mouth.

● Genetics

● Drugs

● Food stains

● Passage of time.

What To Do About Your Discolored Teeth

Yellow teeth are not irreversible. Some of the things you can do to bring your back to its old sparkling white condition are;

Visit a specialist

Schedule an appointment with a dentist to understand the reason for your discolored teeth and for professional judgment on what’s best to reverse this condition.

Maintain good oral hygiene

Use teeth whitening paste such as active charcoal, fluoride paste, or a paste of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda to regularly clean your teeth twice a day.

Avoid consuming food that can stain your teeth

And if you do, floss your teeth to remove the stains that might have clung to your tooth.

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