Do you have a missing tooth? Or maybe you’re losing a tooth and wondering what’s next?

Whether your tooth is broken, decayed, or entirely absent, having that extra space in your mouth isn’t ideal. Even if you don’t mind the appearance, some health issues are associated with having a significant gap in your teeth or leaving a broken tooth unchecked.

It might be time to consider getting a single tooth implant.

But why bother? Getting a dental implant is expensive and time-consuming. Is a dental implant procedure really worth it?

Keep reading to learn all about why we think dental implants are a good idea. 

It Prevents Tooth and Gum Damage

So what if you still have your tooth? You have a chip that’s turned into something more serious or a severe break, but the tooth is still there. You might think you don’t need a new one.

This isn’t really true.

When you’ve had tooth trauma, your tooth can continue degrading. You may end up with a dead tooth or severe tooth decay. Your tooth may also fall out anyway. 

All of those things can impact your other teeth and your gums. 

If your tooth is missing altogether, you may still run into tooth problems. Because that tooth is no longer there, you may over-rely on the surrounding teeth or damage their sides. This means that you’ll have another broken or damaged tooth. 

It Protects Your Jaw

Did you know that having all of your teeth in place protects your jaw structure? 

When you don’t have a tooth, your jaw no longer has the tooth’s roots to provide stability and nutrition. This results in bone loss. You may notice that people with many missing teeth seem to have jaws that look unusual. 

Getting a dental implant will prevent bone loss because it restores bone stimulation and creates a better foundation for chewing. 

It Gives You Self-Confidence

Are you self-conscious about your missing or damaged tooth? That’s normal. While everyone should be proud to show off their unique smiles, there’s nothing wrong with wanting a more conventional appearance. 

But how much are dental implants? Are they worth the cost for the aesthetic factor alone? 

Even if you don’t face any health problems resulting from your missing or damaged tooth, feeling more confident is more than enough of a reason to seek out dental implants. 

It Results In Easier Eating

As we mentioned before, chewing and eating can hurt your remaining teeth and your jaw if you have missing teeth. 

You may find yourself avoiding foods due to pain or an inability to chew altogether. This could result in you eating too many soft junk foods to compensate. 

After a dental implant procedure, you’ll have no problem eating all of your favorite foods.

Do You Need a Single Tooth Implant?

Missing even one tooth is enough to hurt the rest of your mouth. If you have a missing or damaged tooth, a single tooth implant can help. 

These implants are expensive, but they’re a worthwhile investment if they can prevent a future of costly dental procedures.

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By Hemant Kumar

I am a zealous writer who loves learning, redesigning the information, and sharing the original content in an innovative and embellish manner. I hope you will find my work beneficial and entertaining. Happy Reading!