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It’s crucial to consider the credit card you’ll use to purchase your flights as you return to the skies. Using your credit card to purchase an airline ticket can generate important bonus points or miles that can be used toward your next reward trip. And don’t forget about advantages like airport lounge access and trip delay compensation, which make your travels run more smoothly and protect you when things go awry.

Consider acquiring and using one of these best credit cards for flight purchases before you miss out on additional benefits. With the Standard Chartered Cathay Mastercard, you can take advantage of the best Mile deals. Examine why the Cathay Mastercard is best for making flight reservations.

Advantages of the Standard Chartered Cathay Mastercard

Have questions about the Cathay Mastercard’s benefits? Keep reading to find out more!

Awards for Asia Miles

If you’re flying with Cathay Pacific, you can choose from three distinct types of award flights. There are Standard Awards, Tailored Awards and Choice Awards for mixed cabin redemption. If you discriminate between the Standard Awards and the other Awards, you can fly on partner flights that are not available on other carriers.

Standard Awards and Choice Awards holders are assured of a seat in Premium Economy Class or higher. Tailored Awards stand out in this situation. A seat in any plane’s cabin is guaranteed if you receive this honour. As a result, if you wish to book a cabin, chances are you’ll already have a reservation.

There are two types of carrier redemption awards: single-carrier and mixed-carrier. As a one-way ticket, these carrier awards are the best value. However, round-trip redemptions are excluded.

You should, however, check the reward table to determine what minimum points you need to fly in the award mentioned above classes before using your Standard Chartered Cathay Mastercard to book tickets.

The Standard Chartered Cathay MasterCard offers a wide range of exceptional benefits. Standard Chartered Cathay MasterCard Miles are available on all three of the card’s three types.

You can earn Asia Miles by using the Standard Chartered Cathay MasterCard to purchase. You can earn one Asia Mile point for every three Hong Kong Dollars you spend in the Asia Miles Rewards program. Cathay Pacific and Hong Kong Express are the only options for this spending. With the Standard Chartered Cathay MasterCard, you’ll get the same number of Asia Miles points for dining and other purchases as you do for transportation.

Marco Polo Club membership is also included in the Asia Miles incentive.

The status of your membership is tied to the status of your card. The Standard Chartered Cathay MasterCard standard comes with standard membership and 20 Marco Polo Club points if you spend 100,000 Hong Kong Dollars on your card. One hundred Marco Polo Club points are the upper limit.

A Marco Polo Silver Club membership is included with Standard Chartered Cathay MasterCard Priority Banking. Membership at the Silver level is good until the end of December 2021. This Silver level membership includes access to all Cathay Pacific Pier lounges.

When you use your Standard Chartered Cathay Priority Private MasterCard, you’ll be upgraded to Marco Polo Gold Status. Likewise, it’s good through the end of December 2021 with this one.

There is little difference between the Marco Polo Gold and Marco Polo Silver memberships in terms of benefits. However, if you have a gold membership, you can bring a visitor to the Pier Lounge with you.

Fly Partner Airlines

Standard Chartered Cathay credit can be used to purchase any of the reward kinds listed above. If you’re thinking about taking a flight on a partner airline with a Standard Award, be sure to check over their offerings first. As the number of Asia Miles, you need to book changes, this is the case.

Recipients of award tickets usually have a different redemption strategy in place. To avoid missing out on great chances for redemption, keep an eye out for them at all times.

See the Asia Miles Partner Award Chart for more information on the various incentives that Asia Miles members can receive.

Additional Ways to Earn Standard Chartered Miles

By staying at linked hotels, hiring a car, and purchasing with your credit card, you can earn Standard Chartered Cathay Miles.

Use the Cathay Mastercard to donate to a worthy cause and earn Miles.

The option of converting your miles into points is always available if there are better redemption alternatives available elsewhere.

The Club Marco Polo

A relationship with Cathay Pacific means that you can easily convert your miles into points and enrol in Standard Chartered’s loyalty program. To earn Marco Polo Club Points, you must fly with Cathay Pacific and other Oneworld airlines.

Marco Polo Club points are earned according to the airline, cabin, ticket class, and distance travelled by the holder. It will help your reputation if you use them frequently.

There are four levels of social status:

  • Green
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Diamond

Benefit from a higher status level by using your Standard Chartered Cathay Mastercard to make your flight bookings. In the beginning, you’ll get the most perks if you’re at the green level, which progresses to diamond. There are a luggage weight limit and guaranteed business, premium, and economy class seats among the advantages.


Thus, the Standard Chartered Cathay MasterCard’s perks and benefits were summarised. Excellent products can be found. Regular fliers will benefit from the Asia Miles scores, Marco Polo Club membership, and other perks.

The Standard Chartered Cathay MasterCard is a good option for those who plan to fly. However, keep in mind that for Openworld travel agents, Asia Miles points give the best value.

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